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The main reason we do not have revival in our churches is because we are content to live without it!  -Leonard Ravenhill

Eschatological Accountability (Paul Benson video)

Are you bringing condemnation upon yourself by teaching things about the end-times that the Bible does not? There WILL be consequences!

The pre-tribulation rapture hoax exposed

Well folks, as promised here is the first of the video series I will (Lord willing) be producing. It’s been quite a process to get to this point. But I have a strong witness this is the direction the Lord is leading, and will hopefully be uploading teachings on a consistent basis.

I do feel compelled to apologize for the choppy editing (and the annoying glare on the glasses). But hey, every journeyman was once a rookie, right? I am sure that with some experience I can improve in the areas I now find myself lacking.

The matter of the accountability teachers and preachers will face over falsehood being promoted as ‘Bible Doctrine’ is one I rarely hear addressed. And when you look specifically at the area of eschatology it is almost taboo to make mention of that accountability. There is such a prevalent atmosphere of: ‘Don’t you dare call someone preaching a different view on the rapture than you a deceiver!’ Or quite commonly we hear: ‘If we don’t believe the same thing then let’s just agree to disagree!’. I could literally vomit every time I hear someone spout that nonsense as if it were a promotion of true Christian unity. In what crazy mixed up world does not addressing discrepancies in doctrine now become obeying the scriptural command for believers to ‘speak the same thing and have the same mind’?

Agreeing to disagree is NOT unity; it is compromise. And it clearly exposes the lazy and complacent nature of Western Christianity. If we would come together in godly humility and a genuine hunger for the truth, seeking a true foundation for our end-time teachings in the multiplied witness of the Word of God, fables and false teachings (like the pre-trib rapture) would quickly fall by the wayside. It is only when we allow ourselves to be lured away from that safeguard of a scriptural foundation, or be convinced to disregard what is plainly stated in the Scripture text, that deceptive teachings can take root and flourish.

Please feel free to comment on the video. May the Lord give us a heart to receive what his Word really does teach about the days ahead and the Return of our Christ.

Paul Benson

The Day Jesus Returns – Robert Adams Video

I have been watching the extensive video series by bro. Robert Adams with a great sense of accord. I don’t know where he is at on all matters of Christian doctrine, but he approaches eschatology without preconception or denominational/theological prejudice. I always admire someone who emphasizes clearly stated Bible truths and minimizes personal opinions and speculations.  I think anyone would find much edification, and also much food for thought, in examining his video presentations.

He is another former Pre-tribber who got set free (years ago) from that delusion by embracing the truths of God’s Word over and above the teachings of man. In this video he doesn’t do much teaching; he is merely reading the many scripture passages that deal with the day of Christ’s Return. I got some additional insights just listening to him read these passages! Maybe you will too.



P. S. I’ve been devoting much time and effort to the task of moving into audio and video teaching. Things are coming together and I should have some stuff posted soon. Again, please pray for me. This endeavor has me stretched waaaaaaaay out of my comfort zone and most certainly beyond my technical abilities. But it is looking like progress. P.B.

Why I Don’t Accept The ‘Pre-wrath Rapture’ View

Is the ‘Pre-wrath Rapture’ view the correct solution to the end-time prophecy puzzle? Well… not exactly!


by Paul Benson

Recently a reader sent me an e-mail asking my thoughts on the ‘Pre-wrath Rapture’ view and sent me also a link to an article by Alan Kurschner who holds to the Pre-wrath view. His article was titled ‘Still waiting for a Post-tribber to respond to Prewrath eschatology… Crickets!’. You can find that article HERE.

I will in this writing give the reasons I firmly believe the Pre-wrath position to be (in certain key areas) an incorrect assessment of the events surrounding the Return of our Lord. Continue reading “Why I Don’t Accept The ‘Pre-wrath Rapture’ View”

The End Is Not Yet! – Jacob Prasch Video

I found the rebuke of the Pre-trib Rapture doctrine in this video by brother Prasch to be quite sound. Though I could point out a couple areas where I think he has still to work his eschatology ahead a bit (as do we ALL!) the points I disagree with him on are not that significant. The previous video in this series was also an excellent talk on the origin and preservation of sound doctrine. You can find that video HERE.


PRAYER REQUEST: I am working towards the goal of producing teachings on the topics the Lord has called me to focus upon in video and audio format. The learning curve involved is huge make that: HUGE! and I have allowed this to hinder me from moving ahead for much too long. (Also feeling I have a face made for radio and a voice fit for penmanship hasn’t helped any either!)  But, although the Lord is patient and understanding in working out his will in our loves, there comes a point where it is high time to quite dragging your feet, get over your insecurities, and get on with getting on.

SO….. Here I go! And I would really appreciate the prayers of those who follow my blog. I know that intercession truly makes a difference. And your prayers would mean a great deal to me. So thank you in advance. I will try to post something soon, but it may take a bit longer to get equipment, editing, publishing etc. figured out to that point.

Blessings to all who love His Truth;

Paul Benson

God’s Calendar: Seeing Jesus in the Passover and other Feasts of the Lord – Amir Tsarfati Video

Does your expectation of Christ’s return for the Church line up with the biblical pattern shown forth by the prophetic Feasts of the Lord?


This is one of the best videos I have found on the prophetic Feasts of the Lord. He brings out the clear truth that the Feasts which the Jews were commanded to observe were given to present a prophetic picture of the 1st and also the 2nd Coming of our Lord.


One thing I really appreciated in this teaching by brother Amir is that he stays away from the misconceptions so popular among the pre-trib crowd that the ‘rapture trumpet’ takes place at the beginning of the fall feasts (the Day of Trumpets they incorrectly say) and thus the Church is absent from the tribulation typified by the remaining days until Yom Kippur (Atonement) which typifies the Second Coming.

He brings out that the fall Feasts involve a series of trumpets not just on the first day. This is significant because the pre-trib teachers say that when the trumpet sounds to begin the fall feasts this typifies the rapture happening before the tribulation and the Church as entering our eternal ‘Jubilee’ at that time. But as Amir teaches (and I also believe) the series of trumpet blasts continues through out the 10 ‘days of awe’ and finishes with the Last Trump on the Day of Atonement. Something pre-trib teachers miss (or willingly ignore) is that the year of Jubilee does not begin on the first day of ‘trumpets’; it only begins AFTER the last long trumpet blast on the Day of Atonement! According to the biblical pattern of the Feasts of the Lord the Church will begin our eternal Jubilee at the Second Coming! Let’s get it right!

And thou shalt number seven sabbaths of years unto thee, seven times seven years; and the space of the seven sabbaths of years shall be unto thee forty and nine years. 9  Then shalt thou cause the trumpet of the jubile to sound on the tenth day of the seventh month, in the day of atonement shall ye make the trumpet sound throughout all your land. Leviticus 25:8-9

Question: Why do the pre-trib teachers place the blowing of the ‘last trump’ (ie. the resurrection/rapture) on the first day of the month instead of the tenth day where it belongs (the Day of Atonement which typifies the Second Coming)?

Answer: Because they must depart from the biblical pattern or it would expose the error of their doctrine!

I hope the reality of the foretelling of the 2 Comings of Jesus to Earth found in the Feasts of the Lord are as much a blessing and edification to you as they are to me. God revealed these truths to me by his Spirit quickening various O.T. passages in the Word to me long before I had been exposed to any significant teaching on the issue. It was a very exciting time of study and worship for me to say the least! I have an article on that HERE if you would like to read it.

Blessings to all who long for his Coming;

Paul Benson

The Church WILL face Antichrist! – Walter Martin Teaching

For 20 centuries the Church has believed and taught we will face Antichrist BEFORE Jesus returns for us. Only in modern times has a segment of the Body of Christ turned aside from that belief!

Hi folks;

I would like to share a teaching with you by brother Walter Martin where he strongly rebukes the Pre-tribulation Rapture Doctrine and exposes it for the unbiblical hoax it really is. Brother Martin truly had a knack for getting the plain and simple truths of the Scriptures across in a way that sets aside the convoluted mess the wisdom of man has man out of end-time matters.

In his lifetime he also spoke fervently against the many other falsehoods plaguing the modern Church such as the Word of Faith teachings of K. Copeland (and associated ministries) while at the same time properly teaching that Gifts of the Holy Spirit are still in operation in this age. He is also the only one I know of that went on TBN and rebuked false teachings being promoted there. (You can find a video of that show HERE.)




If the Apostle Paul and others had believed and taught the Church would escape the coming time of tribulation, and the intense persecution of those days, the writings of the Christian authors throughout the centuries since would be literally riddled with reference to that concept. It would be a MAJOR topic of discussion! But, it is absolutely NOT evident in their teachings and commentaries other than a mere handful of obscure mentions some try to point to as ‘proof’ which actually do not distinctly promote that idea! They even try to use (or should I say misuse) an unclear quote from Ireneaus who taught quite clearly elsewhere that he firmly believed the Church would see Antichrist!

QUESTION: Why do all the articles that claim to show proof the early Church believed in a pre-trib rapture quote the same mere handful of unclear quotes like they had all been copy and pasted from the same article?????????

ANSWER: Because that’s all the material they have to work with! They all claim there are a myriad of pre-trib quotes in the writings of the ‘early fathers’; but strangely no one seems to know where they are!

Here us a link to a page on my site that gives scores of quotes from Christian theologians down through the ages showing that the Body of Christ has ALWAYS believed and taught the Church will be here to face Antichrist and his war on the Saints:


Dispensational Zionism Debunked (Joe Major Video)

Is your church, or the ministry you sit under, teaching the bogus doctrines of Dispensationalism? If so, you are being indoctrinated into a cult of false theology!

The pre-trib Rapture is a lie
Is Dispensational preaching the REAL Good News?

In the following video Joe Major does an excellent job showing us how Dispensational Teaching is NOT the true doctrine of the Bible. Even those of us that understand the corrupt nature of Dispensational AKA Separation Theology (which promotes the pre-trib error) need to watch this video as he also brings out another important truth: The way the alterations to the modern bible versions very much DO affect the beliefs and teachings of those who use them.

If you do not believe these changes to the Scriptures have impacted the Body of Christ watch this video to the end paying close attention to the way the word ‘seed’ has been altered to ‘descendants’ in the modern versions; and how this helps further the GREAT error expressed in the way election is taught by Dispensational preachers. Also I will post some links to articles I have written exposing the errors and contradictions to Scripture found in Dispensational preaching.

You may need to turn your volume down a bit. Brother Major is a bit exuberant in his manner of preaching. I guess he takes Jesus’ words to heart that we should: Shout it from the housetops! 



False Theology Is Serious Business!

It is not a trivial matter when one sets under false teaching and gets filled with wrong concepts about the Bible. False doctrine is defiling! And promoting that which is false will make you a false witness in the eyes of God. We need to take that to heart! We should express a love for the truth that compels us to examine all things and to discard that which is contrary to God’s Holy Word.

A false witness shall not be unpunished, and he that speaketh lies shall perish.  Proverbs 19:9

The errors of J.N. Darby’s Dispensational Theology are like a plague of unbiblical and unworkable notions that has sickened the understanding of a large portion of the Body of Christ in this generation. The introduction of this false theology in the mid-1800’s has not only led millions into serious error but also brought great division to the Church, particularly in the areas of election and eschatology (the study of end-time prophecy).

Each of the following articles looks at a different segment of that modern theory in light of the Scriptures; and proves Darby’s theological approach to the Bible (embraced by multitudes today) to be erroneous and even heretical. As I have stated many times in the past and will continue to do so: Dispensationalism is a cult of false theology that brings one quite out of sync with the true teachings of the Bible. BEWARE!


Has Dispensational Theology Corrupted Your Understanding Of God’s Ways?


‘The Ostrich Theory’ (Uncovering The Errors Of Dispensationalism) PART I


The Ostrich Theory (Uncovering The Errors Of Dispensationalism) PART II


The Ostrich Theory (Uncovering The Errors Of Dispensationalism) PART III


The Ostrich Theory PART IV (Looking At The Errors Of Hyper/Ultra Dispensational Acts 28 Theology)

Believing And Teaching The Pre-trib Rapture Doctrine Is Direct Disobedience To The Word Of God!

What if someone could show you that embracing the Pre-tribulation Rapture teaching causes you to disobey God’s Word? Would you change your opinion of that modern theory?

Deception in the CHurch
Taking a closer look at the ‘Pre-trib’ teaching!


by Paul Benson

And we have confidence in the Lord touching you, that ye both do and will do the things which we command you. 5 And the Lord direct your hearts into the love of God, and into the patient waiting for Christ. 2Thessalonians 3:4-5

As followers of Christ we all are (or should be) looking forward to the day of his Return to this planet. But did you know that, concerning our beliefs about the end-times and the coming of Jesus, there are certain instructions given us that we are commanded to adhere to? And that to disregard those instructions, and to follow instead the contrary notions taught by man, is actually direct disobedience to God?

This is not a trivial matter!

Let me ask you a few questions: How important is it to obey the commands of our Creator? And, more pertinently, how important is compliance to those commands to you personally?

As Bible believing Christians who could deny that the Scriptures express a firm exhortation that we are to not only obey the words of Christ but also those of his Apostles. That the inspired words the Apostles spoke and wrote, right along with the teachings of Jesus, are to be considered the commandments of God and obeyed! We all believe that, right?

But have you ever considered how this might apply to what is currently being preached and taught concerning what we are to believe about the end-times and the Return of Jesus? I have!

And I can absolutely prove from the Scriptures that believing in and teaching a secret invisible coming of Christ for the Church seven years prior to the Second Coming (the pre-trib rapture doctrine) is not only bogus, but is also flat out disobedience to many of God’s commands given through Christ and his Apostles about what we are to believe!

Are you in a ‘pre-trib rebellion’ against God’s Word?

Please allow me to recap and consolidate some of the points I have made over the years which show the way the pre-trib teaching flat-out ignores and contradicts many firmly stated exhortations given us to follow in our efforts to piece together the puzzle of the end-time prophecies. Continue reading “Believing And Teaching The Pre-trib Rapture Doctrine Is Direct Disobedience To The Word Of God!”

Elijah List Testimony – How I Worked 7 Years to Deceive You – Kevin Kleint

{Note from Paul Benson: Kevin Kleint recently republished his testimony on his site. I had read Kevin’s testimony quite some time ago and it really had a familiar ring to it as I myself had to work my way through the muddle and mixture of what many call the modern day prophetic movement. In 2003-2004 as I began to speak against the false teachings and wayward lifestyles of the celebrity speakers who had gained such prominence and respect among the progressive faction of the Western Church I was meet with great rebuke and ridicule.  Few seemed interested in following the Apostle Paul’s exhortation to ‘Prove all things and hold fast that which is good’.

And please let me add my opinion that the deception being manifest in the days Kevin worked for the Elijah List was quite adolescent compared to the current deception. The anti-biblical and ecumenical nature of much of what is being touted as ‘what God is dong in this generation’ has greatly increased in recent years. If you think those associated with the Elijah List, Bethel Church, IHOP, those promoting the Seven Mountains Mandate, or the ‘Prophets/Prophetesses that have come to be labeled by many as the *’New Apostolic Reformation’ are speaking on behalf of your Heavenly Father, then you really need to get before God and seek some discernment!

The title ‘NAR’ that many such as myself use to point to a specific sphere of deceptive teachings and practices of ministry is just a moniker coined by those who originally spear-headed this ‘move’ (ie. C. Peter Wagoner etc.). Many who hold to the wayward teachings of the current deception will point out there is no Organization or Denomination that goes by the name the New Apo0stolic Reformation and that is true; but when you examine their beliefs and teachings you will find a common belief in a global hierarchy of ‘Apostolic Authority,’ and the firm belief that all Christians must come under the umbrella of these modern day Apostles and Prophets who have received an ‘updated’ vision for the Church.

But sadly, this ‘revised gospel’ of global ecumenical unity and global Dominion by the Church is NOT the Gospel of the Bible, nor the end-time scenario the prophecies of the Bible predict!

Maybe you think I am barking at the wind with my rebuke of these NAR Prophets and Apostles; but please excuse me if I get a little troubled when I see these ‘celebrity ministers’ laying aside the ‘repentance toward God and faith in the work of our crucified and resurrected Christ’ Gospel message in favor of a modern message that centers around conquering the world to prepare it for the future Reign of Righteousness. AND further troubled when I see them reaching out in unity to the RCC/Pope. The same Pope (a blatant communist!) that has gone so far off the rails that even many of those sitting under him are calling him a heretic!

Shouldn’t we be asking ourselves: WHY are those who claim to be sitting in authority over the Body of Christ in this generation, and claim to be hearing the voice of God, promoting unity with a Pope that believes and states that the Allah of Islam is the God of the Bible? BEWARE!}

My Elijah List Testimony – Working for a Prophetic Hub of Deception

by Kevin Kleint

Between the years 2001-2008, I was the webmaster for the Elijah List, one of the largest distributors of false prophecy for the prophetic movement. During this time, I learned some very difficult, yet beneficial, lessons about God, the prophetic movement and life in general. What’s more, I witnessed “first hand” the deception that goes on behind the scenes in what was (arguably) the most popular prophetic email ministry of the time.

If you read the following posts, you will gain insight into:

These posts have angered some who are neck-deep in the modern day prophetic movement (especially those who are profiting from it) and they have been a confirmation to others who knew that something was off all along.



Contemplative Prayer PART II: Returning To The Biblical Pattern

There are methods of prayer that reach the Throne-room of God and others that do not. How can we discern the difference?

Contemplative Prayer

by Paul Benson

Prove all things; hold fast that which is good. -Paul an apostle of Christ

Last week I encouraged my readers to consider an article by MattS from aminutetomidnite.com on the dangers of engaging in the practices many have come to call Contemplative Prayer. If you have not yet read it I would encourage you to do so as he expounds upon many of the problems I am attempting to bring a balance and correction to with this piece. As I will not be repeating his efforts to expose these counterfeit methods of prayer and meditation you might not fully ‘get’ some of the things I have to say without that background. Here is that article:

Contemplative Prayer: Is It Really Prayer?  by MattS @ aminutetomidnite.com

Now let’s take a look at what the Scriptures have to say about contemplation, meditation, prayer, and lingering in the presence of God undertaken in a manner that edifies the believer and glorifies the Lord. Continue reading “Contemplative Prayer PART II: Returning To The Biblical Pattern”