Casting Your Care Upon Him

A Divine encounter I had where God showed me how interested he is in the day to day struggles we have in life; and the wisdom of casting our cares upon him.


Casting all your care upon him
His eye is upon the sparrow.

Have Faith In God! pt.  III

by Paul Benson

Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you. 1 Peter 5:7

A Little Side Job

One time years ago I was not working so I took on a project to salvage a trailer house which had burnt. In exchange for dismantling the trailer and cleaning up the site I got to sell what I could and also keep the frame and axles which I wanted for a project I had in mind. It was not a real profitable deal but I was going through a particularly hard time in life, and needed to be doing something to occupy my time. What I really needed was some encouragement.

Ripped Off!

I finished the job and got everything cleaned up except for hauling off the trailer frame as I had no way to tow it home. A few days later I went over with a truck to get the frame and much to my dismay it was not there! Someone had hauled it away. I don’t know if it was all the work I had done, or maybe all the difficulties I was going through in my life, but I was absolutely crushed. This extra grief was almost more than I could bear. I went home and poured out my complaint before God. It didn’t seem to help much at the time but it must have gotten the Lord’s attention. 

A Divine Road Map

Later that day I decided I would drive around the valley looking at some junk yards or welding shops where my trailer frame might possibly have ended up. I was walking out the door of my home and all of the sudden I got in my mind a vivid image of a map of the area where I lived. I felt a very strong emphasis on a particular area of the map. It was an out of the way subdivision down in a hollow that you could drive by every day and not even know it was there. I had lived in the area for years and only been down there once for a garage sale.

Slow To Listen

I knew the image of this map implanted on my mind was not a normal process of thought but for some reason (unbelief) I dismissed it. As I drove around the valley checking out all these possible locations for my stolen trailer frame the image of that map would keep returning to me, but I would just keep pushing it out of my thoughts. Finally after half a day of this I could no longer push aside this impression which kept returning to me; and now, feeling quite foolish, I said, “Okay God I know that is you!” I drove across the valley and down into that subdivision to the section I felt led to, and still didn’t see anything. But now being sure God was guiding me I snooped around and found a rarely used and over-grown alley leading back behind the end row of houses.

Thank you Lord!

Driving down to the end of this alley there was my precious frame parked back where no one could see it. No one but God that is! A mix-up had caused someone to think I did not want the frame and they had claimed it. I got it back by a divine move of God’s Spirit upon me. You know I never did use that trailer frame for anything; I sold it some time later for just a couple hundred dollars; and God knew I would. But that frame wasn’t what was on God’s mind that day, I was. He knew my heart needed a boost and the Father answered that heartbroken complaint I laid out before Him in this remarkable way.

All things are possible. Have faith in God!

Author: Paul Benson

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3 thoughts on “Casting Your Care Upon Him”

  1. Hi again Paul,

    I just wanted to thank you for your above encouragement. The same day that I posted my comment to you, the Lord opened my eyes as I was out walking to notice three different types of boats and their uses. It was a real challenge regarding the use of my time, skills and life as a whole.
    So I dealt with my fears and started my first ever blog. Then after commencing the task I read your above reply, which was great to have confirmation that the Lord would bless me in writing for Him and for His body of believers. I can now say, that I am finding that the prayer and study in the preparation process ARE proving to be a massive blessing in my life, & even if nobody ever reads what I have written, I have found that you were correct in that I am the one being blessed in the process.
    So thank you once again for your encouragement and advice too.

    May God bless you,


  2. Hi Paul.

    I was also pondering about whether to attempt to start a blog myself, as I have been writing for many years about how the Lord leads me. I am not very technical & also can get a bit worried about a backlash from wicked people. However, I am also thinking that to shine the light of Jesus, when there is no fellowship near to me, then just maybe a blog is a good way to minister to fellow believers.

    With Christian love in Christ Jesus
    From Helen (from England)


    1. Helen;
      If you feel a leading in writing I would very much encourage you to start a blog. I would recommend as it is very easy to learn the basics and the free package is a great way to get into blogging without expense. And I would study up on internet writing; and all that goes with it as there is a big difference in proper and effective internet writing versus writing a book or whatever.

      I have found that the prayer and study that goes into my writings has been a wonderful source of edification for me; and has brought greater fruitfulness to my walk. And even if only one person (you maybe) were helped it would be worth it all.

      Paul Benson


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