Can Donald Trump ‘Make America Great Again’?

A tremendous campaign promise, and one that has stirred hope in the hearts of millions, but can he truly deliver on it?


by Paul Benson

The king’s favour is toward a wise servant: but his wrath is against him that causeth shame. -Solomon son of David

No one can deny this once great nation is in need of some serious up-keep, and possibly even an overhaul of her political engine. For years we have seen the ill effects of decisions and dictates designed for the enrichment of corporate interests rather than the interests of the common man. The rich get richer and the poor supply that influx of revenue; the fruit of their labors being heisted from them in one ‘plan for the common good’ after another.

We have spent two and one half decades embroiled in wars in the middle east which actually have little to do with our national security, and more to do with furthering a globalist agenda which is intent upon seizing the resources (and control) of the entire planet. These wars are depleting our resources in an ongoing manner.

We are a nation of deluded citizens, stumbling around with the wool pulled over our eyes, desperately hoping we are still on God’s ‘most favored nations’ list; and with better days and a ‘return to greatness’ just ahead! And with the outcome of the recent elections that smoldering wick of hope has been fanned into a lively flame. But does that hope have genuine merit, or is it merely the last gasp of a dying star. The final burst of brightness as a stellar behemoth begins to implode in upon itself? Exactly WHAT would it take to ‘make America great again’?

The Path To Greatness

Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people. Proverbs 14:34

If we want to ascertain what it is that makes a nation truly great we need go no farther than the Word of God. The Scripture of truth declares that righteousness will exalt a nation whereas the reproach of sin will accomplish just the opposite. As godliness and righteous behavior has slowly over the years been replaced with a self-centered and hedonistic spirit, this nation has stumbled and fallen. Please allow me to quote from one of my earlier articles:

Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth. John 17:17

I personally believe God’s blessing came upon this nation because the truth of God’s Word was so inter-woven into our culture that it sanctified America in the sight of the Lord. Scripture was commonly read at home and work place; in schools it was a textbook, and it was a standard topic of discussion in politics and legislature. Even the old dictionaries (I have one) were chock full of Scripture references used to help define word meaning. Many more examples could be given to show that our society was once saturated with the Word of God.

Yes, there were evildoers and corruption in those days also, but on the whole people were generally God fearing and deeply affected by God’s truth. People used to be confronted with (and impacted by) God’s Word on a regular basis. That blanket of truth covering the populace sanctified our nation. But sadly some where along the way that blanket became so tattered and torn it was cast aside. And now this once sanctified nation is defiled in God’s eyes, and has become the object of his displeasure.

He that covereth his sins shall not prosper: but whoso confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy. Proverbs 28:13

If we are going to take a realistic look at the condition of this nation we need to go beyond this sad loss of that which formerly sanctified us. We need to also look closely at that which has replaced it. We have allowed great sin to take root, grow and flourish in our midst, and now that sin has gone to seed; with those seeds being broadcast worldwide!

We are not content to wallow in the defilement of abortion, pornography, homosexuality, and a covetous man-centered pseudo gospel (that bears little resemblance to the original). No! We happily export these abominations to the rest of the world like they are a precious commodity.

Until the sins of this nation are acknowledged by its people, and that sin is put away, repented of, and forgiven by God there will be NO return to greatness! Short of the populous (particularly the Church) of this nation returning to a sanctified state we will remain the object of God’s displeasure. We must allow that truth to sink down into our hearts and allow it to trouble us to the point it affects our personal behavior.

This could very well make the difference in the survival of ourselves and our families in the chaotic times ahead!

Although I was quite relieved to see Hillary concede the election to Trump, I remain a little skeptical about her slipping off into the shadows without any further attempts to retain the power of position which has made her and WJC so wealthy. I personally wish it was two months from now, and Trump was seated safely in the Oval Office. There are a number of events that could yet prevent him from that; none of which are pleasant to consider.

When President elect Trump takes office it is quite likely that Hillary, and a number of other high profile politicians, financial big-wigs, and possibly even some Judges and media moguls, are going down with the sinking ship of the Clinton Foundation. This fact has got to have some evil minds busily concocting various game-plans to prevent this from happening. We should all be praying for the safety of Donald Trump. He is far from perfect but so much less a danger to this nation than HRC; there is just no comparison.

A Benevolent Dictatorship Ahead?

Whereas Hillary would have very likely soon had us more deeply embroiled in the continual destruction of nation after nation (for corporate profit), I think we can expect Trump to pull back the extent of our military actions to that which has directly to do with our national security. And I don’t envision him coming after our guns. And the decisions here at home will become centered as well on the national good.

But don’t give in to the temptation to breathe a sigh of relief.

We are going to see extreme measures enacted during his administration that will seem very harsh, or even cruel, in their implementation; all for the ‘good of the nation’. Mark my words!

I think future generations will describe Trump as a benevolent potentate who ran this nation in the same cold calculating manner that brought him success in the financial sector. His practices may very well bring a return to financial and societal well-being, but the path to that end could well look more like tyranny and oppression than benevolent oversight.

Mr. Trump will take office facing an enormous mess left behind by the former occupants. Boy could we make a list!

  • The Clinton Foundation
  • Corruption in the government and financial sectors
  • Endless wars and conflicts
  • Damaged foreign relations
  •  A tarnished image world-wide
  • Trade deficits
  • A deliberately fostered and nourished influx of illegal immigrants (with terrorists assuredly hiding among them)
  • And more recently a rise in violent political dissent in our nation

Just to name a few! How do I picture him dealing with those issues? I believe the world will be shocked at the extreme manner in which he will impose his authority, as well as at the readily apparent results of his authoritarian decisions! Many will rebel and revolt against his ruthless yet effective dictates, and they will also be dealt with in the same concise manner. Again, mark my words (all of this contingent of course on him actually taking office).

FOOD 4 THOUGHT:  If I were a cartoonist I would make a play on words, and draw here a picture of a giant foot in a giant shoe (probably Italian leather) violently smashing a host of our nations problems underfoot with a caption that reads ‘Donald Tromp!’ (Possibly thereby starting a new dance craze: ‘The Donald Tromp’. I can picture people on the dance floors across the nation Tromping on an imaginary HRC, or Huma A. (we better leave her husband out of this imagery. YUK!), or even upon a G. Soros or a BHO! A new victory dance called the Tromp? Hey, it could happen! Just remember you heard it here first!)

Or how about a cartoon of an enormous bare foot crushing some great evils, and we could nick-name his toes The Smashing Trumpkins? What do you think? Okay, enough of that. Maybe they would not be all that hilarious of cartoons, but I think you get the point. Whether we realize it or not, America is in for some serious disciplinary measures. We have been a long time naughty, and Papa POTUS is gonna spank!

What Is Down The Road For America?

Can Trump Make America Great Again?

Even though ‘Mr. Tromp’ may have the wherewithal to steer the USA back on the road to better times economically, and to a more secure state as far as national defense and diplomatic relations go, there still remains that pesky issue of the spiritual state of our country. We are a nation obsessively occupied with the pursuit of carnality, self-gratification, and even perverseness; and most pursue those things like it is our God given right to do so.

And that spiritual condition has us on a road to ruin!

The eyes of the LORD are in every place, beholding the evil and the good. Proverbs 15:3

There is a Judge on the throne in Heaven who is keeping very precise records of the activities of all of mankind, from the least to the greatest. And (sorry Hillary) no amount of trickery or shenanigans can erase those records. Only turning away from those sins, and trusting in the blood of Jesus to cleanse you, can accomplish that.

The LORD is in the process of judging this nation according to her works. We are already a nation under divine judgment; and God’s judgment upon America will progress in an increasing manner as we fail to heed the call to repent. God is currently showing restraint in his dealings with us. Let’s not be foolish and ignore his call.

Hate the evil, and love the good, and establish judgment in the gate: it may be that the LORD God of hosts will be gracious…  Amos 5:15

I honestly don’t have a lot of confidence America will ever turn from the horrendous defilement she has grown so addicted to without a prolonged period of judgment and humiliation. But I have a great confidence you and I personally can, by God’s grace and favor, make it through whatever lies ahead.

For thou, LORD, wilt bless the righteous; with favour wilt thou compass him as with a shield.  Psalms 5:12

In another recent article (Can Christians Change The Fate Of A Nation Under Judgment?) I detailed the importance of believers finding the favor of God on a personal level. Through our own efforts to obey the national call to repentance we can regain the status of ‘most favored nation’ on an individual level! It is crucial we understand that, and apply ourselves to that endeavor.

I hope you take these words to heart. I am not just blowin’ smoke here people.

Dangerous days are upon us!

Paul Benson


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4 thoughts on “Can Donald Trump ‘Make America Great Again’?”

  1. Amen. The fear of The Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Many in the American church are puffed up with arrogance, pride and thoughts of revenge. Vengeance is mine says The Lord.
    The message of repentance has been heavy on my heart throughout this election cycle and continues to grow. I encourage us all to read and pray the corporate prayer in Daniel Chapter 9 where he is confessing on behalf of his countrymen and their sins. May the peace of God guide our hearts and minds through Christ Jesus Our Lord.


  2. Hi Paul, article about Walid Phares. Here is part of the writing:
    One of the first things Donald Trump’s Middle East adviser, Walid Phares, did after the US election was try and calm any anxieties in the region over the change in American leadership.

    “A Donald Trump administration will surprise the region’s peoples with a positive message of peace, security and prosperity so much needed,” he told Egypt’s Al-Ahram newspaper.

    Bottom line, we are dealing with a spiritual issue that no man or woman can deal with. Trump is not in office yet…this is not over. My conjecture: we need to pray more than before the election. Something stinks in the air. And as the Lord told me in the summer of 2015, “Something wicked this way comes”.

    Lord, have mercy and prepare us.


  3. Reflection of the past few days is in order. The nation rages, the powerful remain noticeably quiet. An ill wind blows no good. Beware.!!.


    1. Hello Ali;
      Yes, unfortunately the ‘problem-reaction-solution’ (order out of chaos) model has worked so effectively to enslave the masses that I suspect the current revival of hope for peace and prosperity for this nation may be but a false hope at best. As I said, these are dangerous days!

      Thank God for his promises and his faithfulness to the righteous.


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