The Judgment Seat of Christ – L. Ravenhill

We all, even believers, have an appointment to appear before the bench of the Judge of the whole Earth. Are you prepared for your day in court?

The pre-trib rapture is false teaching.

For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ; that every one may receive the things done in his body, according to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad.  2Corinthians 5:10

I must confess to you that I am now in a period of deep introspection concerning my walk with Christ, and my efforts to labor together with him in the promotion of the truths of his Kingdom. I am not backslid, or in the grips of great trials or temptations, or any thing such like. Just in a place where a burden upon my heart to engage in self-evaluation is so great that it has left me somewhat speechless (somewhat of a rarity for yours truly).

Maybe it’s the recent election season, and the certainty of great change coming to this nation (possibly for the better, but quite probably for the worse). Maybe it’s the season of my life coming to a fullness (I turn 60 next month). Or is it that I see the iniquity of man coming to its season of fullness, and sense the calamity and chaos rising which will soon engulf our nation, and even the entire planet?

All I know is that there has been placed before me a spiritual hurdle I must clear to move forward in the things God has for me as a servant of Christ; and that leap is going to require additional grace and some renewed vision that I am not now in possession of. I would appreciate your prayers in this regard.

Please allow me to present to you something this week I feel will in no way shortchange anyone who came to my blog hoping for something edifying. Leonard Ravenhill never claimed to be a prophet, but so aptly brought forth the heart (and fire) of God in his preaching, it would be folly to deny that mantle rested upon him. I recently revisited a sermon of his that greatly impacted me in my early walk. I have listened to it a number of times over the years. I feel it is possibly one the greatest sermons ever preached in our nation. It’s a bit long, but if you will take the time to listen, and let the truth presented deal with you, it could very well bring you to some life-changing introspection of your own.

Grace and peace upon all who love our Christ;

Paul Benson


If the video player is not present below you may not be able to play HTML5 videos. You can find all Brother Ravenhill’s video sermons at at this link:

This message is also available in audio format at the same site. is a tremendous resource. I have listened to literally hundreds of sermons from their site.




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2 thoughts on “The Judgment Seat of Christ – L. Ravenhill”

  1. Have always appreciated Mr. Ravenhill’ strong messages and love of our LORD. Thanks for sharing. Off now to listen. LORD bless.


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