Understanding Islam: Beware The Jack-Muslim!

I am not an expert on Islam (or even my own Christian faith for that matter). But I do have some insight into an aspect of the grave danger we, as Americans, currently face; and I feel this insight will help others to better understand that very present danger.

The Jack-Muslim!


(I have a leading to republish this post. This is an understanding every Christian needs to grasp! I hope you ‘get’ it. -P.B.)

by Paul Benson

Over the recent months I have developed an understanding I think is crucial in discerning the true danger which the Islamic religion presents here in America. A proper grasp of the nature of this danger is not held by those of our citizens in favor of filling our nation with an influx of those who embrace that religious mindset; and definitely not understood by those who are insistent that all Muslims are totally evil, and should be eradicated by any means necessary.

The understanding I am referring to does not center so much on the radical nature of certain passages of the Koran (and there definitely are many), but more along the lines of how salvation is attained according to the teachings of Islam compared to the teachings of God’s TRUE Prophet, the Lord Jesus Christ. I firmly believe many of the horrible terrorist attacks we have been seeing in America are the outworking of a tortured mind full of extreme guilt and anxiety; caused more by a failure to live by the moral standards of the Muslim faith, than merely by the radical teachings of the Koran itself. That may sound a little strange at first, especially coming from a Christian, but please let me explain.

WHAT is a ‘Jack-Muslim’?

Here in Northwest Montana we are but a days drive from the heart of the world-wide Mormon religion: Salt Lake City in Utah. Our cities are filled with a strong representation of that religion; and as a result it is a frequent occurrence to rub elbows with them. Consequently we all know what the expression is they use to describe someone who does not hold to the moral guidelines presented by that religion. They are called ‘Jack-Mormons’. A smoking, drinking, thieving, fornicating, or drug addicted member of that sect is not a ‘good Mormon’, he is the notorious ‘Jack-Mormon’!

(FOOD 4 THOUGHT: Sometimes an implied statement speaks louder than the words implying it. I notice a very real trend by today’s mainstream media to downplay the role of Islam in the reporting of terrorist acts in America. There is always a great focus given to the wayward lifestyle of the terrorist. The immorality. The drinking and drug use. The spousal abuse. And in the case of the Orlando shooter his closet homosexuality.

There is in this evident focus on the sins of the terrorists an implied statement always lurking just beneath the surface: Islam was NOT to blame for this act because this person was not even a good Muslim. They weren’t very devoted to the teachings of their faith, so don’t blame Islam for their behavior! But this implied reasoning is a completely false reasoning as we shall see.

And we need to understand the promotion of that false reasoning is a propaganda tool being used by those who do not have the best interests of our nation at heart!)

Although there are truly many aspects of the Islamic faith that are bizarre, and some that are greatly oppressive to others (in particular their own women); in a general sense you could say most Muslims live a fairly moral lifestyle. And, although there certainly is an extremist contingent in our midst, I don’t think we are in much danger of being invaded and conquered by a 50 million man Islamic army. They don’t have the numbers, resources, or military savvy.

The discernment I am wanting to share, about the ever increasing danger we face from Islam here in America, concerns those I would label as a ‘Jack-Muslim’. The one who wallows deep in the cesspool of sin. The one who has departed from the general standards of clean living and morality a ‘devout Muslim’ wholeheartedly embraces. The ‘black sheep’ of the Islamic faith; these are the truly dangerous ones!

(SIDE NOTE: Let me make some things perfectly clear here. As a true follower of the Lord Jesus, and one who believes without question the teachings of the Holy Bible, I am NOT a promoter of the Muslim faith, nor of the oppression of women. It is a cult of false theology that has hundreds of millions of people following a moon god who is not the God of the Bible. They reject the only means of salvation; and that is through faith in what was accomplished upon that Cross at Calvary. Only the Blood of Jesus can wash away the stain of sin, and make us acceptable to God. The Muslim faith does NOT produce salvation, and will send its followers to Hell. PERIOD!)

Certainly not all Islamic extremists fall into the category of the Jack-Muslim. But that is whom I am expressing concern about here over their reeking havoc in the USA. We see radical Islam manifesting in various forms around the world. And most of it falls into one of three niches.

  • The teachings of the Koran are certainly errant, and in many instances horribly promoting of heinous acts. And this perverse aspect of the Koran gives much incentive (and license) to those with a barbarous nature to act like barbarians. And so they do.
  • And we must admit also there are many who are, from their youth, brainwashed into a radicalized mentality by those who should be mentoring them in a much different fashion. And so they act out according to that influence.
  • And then there are those who I call ‘Jihadists for hire’. This is the real story behind much of what we see touted by the mainstream media as insurgency or civil uprising in the nations of the middle east such as Libya or Syria. Many of those involved are little more than mercenaries spreading the evil of Islam in exchange for a paycheck. And they ARE earning their wages!

I can see where all three of the niches listed above can, and do, merge and interact producing results like the growing chaos the middle east is suffering. But concerning the current danger to this nation, I feel quite strongly it is the very nature of the Muslim faith (in that it is a works-based faith) that often drives the Jack-Muslim to commit atrocities in our midst.

A Tale Of Two Religions – Liberty Versus Mental Torment

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 1John 1:9

As Christians if we fall to sin (and I cannot claim I never have) there is a wonderful offer of grace available to all who repent and turn from their sin, calling upon the Lord for forgiveness. And through this wonderful avenue of cleansing and forgiveness we can, with a blessed peace of mind, move ahead free from a defiled conscience and the troubling condemnation of our actions.

The Muslim has no such recourse!

Throughout his life he carries the weight and condemnation of his actions. This is NOT a trivial matter to most Muslims. They believe in salvation and damnation. They anticipate a paradise for the good, and a place of torment for the bad (in Arabic it is Jahannam). They have no Savior who took the burden of their sin, and paid the penalty for it. They await the day when ALL their actions will be weighed in the balance.

GET AHOLD OF THIS! Mohammad was not a savior, merely a spokesperson who supposedly taught the ways of his god. He provides no cleansing of the conscience or liberty from the guilt of their wrongdoing. They live out their lives in a continual crisis of conscience awaiting the day they will be judged. For those in gross sin this produces a mental torment that daily eats away at them; they understand their fate!

And herein lies the great danger presented by the Jack-Muslim living among us! The Muslim believes that if on the day of judgment his good deeds out-weigh the bad he will be saved. If he can make some Herculean effort to please his god (an act that will out-weigh the horrible sins of his life) he can save himself from an eternity of torment; as well as procure favor towards his loved ones!

The Satanic Myth Of Self-Redemption

It is more than just actions egged on by a commitment to a radical cause. In his twisted logic, when the Jack-Muslim commits atrocity he is not only saving himself from his sins, but he is also redeemed in the eyes of his family, and viewed by them as a hero who has brought the favor of Allah upon them (AND quite often a monthly stipend)! He goes from being a zero to a hero by his martyrdom! That is why we consistently see a history of illicit or perverse behavior connected with those committing terrorist acts in our nation (dating clear back to those associated with 9-11).They were redeeming themselves (or so they thought) with a heinous act which will, on Judgment Day, surpass the many sins they have committed.

The next time you see the media down playing the faith of the SINFUL TERRORIST know this: you are being purposely propagandized to minimize your opposition to immigration policies which are designed to bring chaos to our nation so tyrannical control measures can be enacted.

The stark reality we need to understand is the Jack-Muslim is driven by a fear of consequence for his sinful deeds to commit atrocity in order to save himself! Can you now see the folly of suggesting Islam is not really to blame for acts of terror committed by those who are not at all ‘good Muslims’? The Jack-Muslim becomes a ‘good Muslim’ through his martyrdom. And MANY will follow this satanic delusion in the days ahead; and MANY in this nation will suffer and die because of it!

QUESTION:  Considering the hedonistic nature of American culture, do we really want to fill our sinful cities with those who will be so tormented by the gross sin they will be enticed into that it will drive them to slaughter us as an act of self-redemption? Are we insane? In a very real way the chaos and mayhem we see, and will see manifesting on an increasing level, is something we are bringing on ourselves; a self-inflicted wound!

What is worst of all is those behind the influx of Muslim ‘refugees’ full well understand this cause and effect, and anticipate this chaos as a means to further the goals of their twisted globalist agenda! And instead of branding Islam as a dangerous and destructive influence we should not want imported into our midst, it is being white-washed with a tsunami of propaganda by the globalist controlled mainstream media! What we see instead is Christianity, which is the cause and effect which brought greatness and stability to this nation in the first place, portrayed at every opportunity in a negative light; and in need of restriction. God help us!

Where will this all lead? If the Scripture says a man will be punished by the fruit of his ways; how much more then a nation? I wonder if maybe we are just bringing upon ourselves the judgment we deserve. And we definitely DO deserve it!

Sadly, the Jack-Muslim is merely one facet of the enormous danger we face today. (It has been stated, and I agree: the greatest danger to America in this day is God himself!) We live in a world that has lost its mind. If I had any way to increase the volume of this post to the level of an air-raid siren I would certainly do so. All I can do is plead with my brothers and sisters in Christ to PLEASE wake up and seek the face of God like the day of destruction is at the door.


Paul Benson



Many thanks to John Little whose work at Omegashock.com was the means God used to bring me the understanding presented in this article. Great site. Check it out!

image credit: Paul Benson -Let’s Get It Right!


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Author: Paul Benson

My Website is at www.paulbenson.me. My blog 'Let's Get It Right!' is at pbenson.me.

4 thoughts on “Understanding Islam: Beware The Jack-Muslim!”

  1. Great message Paul, although I’m not sure my neighbor Jack would agree.
    The reality of Islam and Muslims in America is that we shall always be seen a infidels to them and even a jack-Muslim will side with a good Muslim against the infidel, but of course we infidels must stop playing the part of dumb sheep headed for slaughter and be prepared for their mastered art of taqiyya.
    Just look at how our dear leaders leads the way in this example.

    In the end they are all Jack-Muslims as they have been hijacked by the master deceiver and his false prophet Mohammed.


    1. Hi Marcel;
      Thanks for the visit and comment.
      True they all view us as infidels (much like we view them as heathen). But it really helped me better understand the issue when I woke up to this twisted reasoning of Self-Redemption. The more a Muslim is influenced to hedonistic behavior the more his beliefs drive him to violence against those they consider as infidels. He MUST act to save himself from his sins.


  2. Madness and mayhem indeed advance across our nation. Far too many slumber instead of serve the Saviour. Difficult times ahead for all. Thank you for this wake up call. May your warnings not fall on deaf ears and blind eyes. LORD bless. <


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