Hello to all;

I wanted to wait until the surgery on the second eye had healed somewhat to give a report on the results. And the report is:


After years of increasingly poor eyesight I can now again see as well as I could in my twenties! It is absolutely amazing the difference!

My eyesight had grown increasingly poor over the last ten years or so due to cataracts. Cataracts diffuse the light that enters the eye and cause a fog or haze from bright lights or sunlight that blurs and dims your sight. Like looking through a window or windshield that has been allowed to build up a layer of crud that is harder to see through with the sunlight hitting it. You can still see but with increasing difficulty as the cataracts slowly grow over time.

And my vision had deteriorated in the last couple of years to where I no longer could drive at night; and daytime driving had gotten to the point where I was probably going to have to put that aside soon also. The cataracts had my vision so foggy I could not recognize faces I knew at 20 feet! I had not read a book or magazine in several years as I could not make out the print. Even my large print Bible was no longer readable. The white on the page would blur the print too much. It is hard to relate the amount of stress and frustration (even humiliation) that losing good vision causes. It effects nearly everything you do.

The only way I have been able to read anything, or keep up on my writing, is to turn my PC monitor and phone on reverse contrast (black background with white text) and the lack of white would keep the glare down enough to read and write. This has enabled me to keep up on my research and writing in that fashion. Thank God for my PC Bible program and e-sword bible app on my phone. (Also I have audio bible programs I have used to listen to the Scriptures with for years.)

They did the surgery on my right eye first as it had the worst cataract. The actual procedure takes only about 10 – 15 minutes (after about an hour of prep and meds to relax you.) You are awake and staring at a bright light above you and that is all you see. Your eye is totally numb so all you feel is a bit a poking and prodding as he removes your natural lens and replaces it with an artificial one. I was amazed at how fast it went and how easy it was to endure the process.

After I was moved to the after-surgery area I was allowed sit with my eyes open and I tell you I was flabbergasted at the difference in my vision in that eye already! Even with my eye watery and blurry from the surgery I could already see amazingly well. When I got home later (still a bit groggy from the meds!) I decided to try to read something. They first book I got a hold of was a compact Bible with print that is quite small. I found I could read it clearly even holding it out at arms length! I gave the Lord much praise and have been praising him continually ever since for the renewed eyesight.

The results on the left eye were not as dramatic, but not surprisingly as I have had diminished vision in that eye since childhood (and the cataract was not as advanced in that eye); but the surgery did improve that eye a significant amount; so that was great also. Everything is so much brighter and clearer; and even way more colorful. It is hard to describe the change. It is like living in a different world!

When you get this surgery you get a choice of having lens put in that give you better vision up close or better at a distance. I chose better up close as I read, write and research so much. But my far away vision is very good, and it will take only a very slight corrective lens to make it perfect for driving. They don’t give you glasses for a few weeks to make sure things have stabilized. But I am able to see so well to drive right now I am absolutely thrilled, and it is a pleasure to go for a drive rather than being a stress filled drama to be avoided whenever possible. I feel like going on a long road trip and seeing a few museums!

I have never been big on doctors (until recently I had not been to a doctor other than a dentist for over twenty years!), and I am a firm believer in divine healing (we have had miraculous healing in our family before). So I am not joking when I say it was a bit of a stretch for me to have to see a physician and submit to surgery. It tried my faith and my understanding in ways I cannot express. But I give God much praise! For even though it was the prophesied ‘increase in knowledge’ of the last days that he used to correct my vision I know that it is He that restoreth my soul! To him be all glory and honor and praise in this world and the one to come.

I want to give a very hearty thank you to all who prayed for me over this issue. The prayers of the righteous do avail much; and I am very appreciative of those who pray for me and my work as I labor together with God to further his truth and his Kingdom. Prayer is the only support I petition my readers for, and I do very much covet your continued prayers for me.

Jesus Christ is Lord!

The King is Coming!

Blessings upon you;

Paul Benson

Author: Paul Benson

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4 thoughts on “THE FOG HAS LIFTED!”

  1. To God be all the glory!! TGBAG as one local full gospel church members all say on FB…
    So happy for you, brother! Looking forward to your blogs until the Lord returns!! 🤗


  2. Wonderful to hear you experienced excellent results! Remember, doctors are specialized mechanics. No fault to seek assistance for bone setting, childbirth, etc. Healing herbs are provided by Our Maker for our benefit. All healing comes from Him, regardless.


  3. Praise God! So glad you can see again! It must be pure joy to read and study now! I wonder if in heaven our eyesight will have a similar jump in improvement? We see through a glass darkly now, spiritually, imagine our amazement in heaven at the radical clarity we will gain in many various ways!!


  4. Excellent news!! Hallelujah!!! Sight and hearing are some of our greatest blessings. Rejoice!! I will with you.


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