The Final Deception Is Here! – Benjamin Faircloth

A powerful word on the false unity movement that has gripped the slumbering Church of these last days.

A dream about Jesus

…because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie… -Paul an apostle of Christ

If I could only present one question to the Body of Christ to provoke some discernment as to the false nature of the teachings of the New Apostolic Reformation / Seven Mountains Mandate crowd it would be this: Does the picture they paint of the condition of the world and society in general in the final days before the Return of Christ match the description given us in the Scriptures? The answer is:

NO! Absolutely NOT!

Then why are so many MILLIONS of people hanging on every word of those big name preachers who are so clearly out of sync with the true end-time prophesies of the Bible?


Because they are under the spell of the End-Time Delusion those prophesies speak so clearly of! That delusion is not something coming in the future.

It is already here!

In case you may think I have gone ‘off the reservation’ in my daring to speak out against the ‘new revelations’ being presented by so many of the most popular preachers and teachers on the scene today; let me tell you that God is raising up a voice in his true Church to cry out against that error. And many have taken up that task!

On October 29, 2017 Brother Benjamin Faircloth (Ignited Church) preached a word warning of the false unity movement that is unwittingly working towards ushering in the coming global religion that the False Prophet will control. As the ecumenical aspect of the NAR/Seven Mountains Mandate error is a major part of the danger I have been warning about I would like to present Bro. Faircloth’s message here for you. You can listen to it here:

The Final Deception Is Here!

If you have any trouble with that link please go to the Ignited Church website and click on the Pastors Sermons tab to find October 29, 2017: The Final Deception Is Here. For those needing to sort out the right or wrong of this Unity Movement you will find this message very helpful.

Here is another look at this growing deception by Nathan and Donna Leal from Watchman’s Cry. They give a very good overview of how this delusion is tied to the false signs and wonders move that has swept this nation.


I hope my readers will find these resourses useful and edifying.


Paul Benson


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7 thoughts on “The Final Deception Is Here! – Benjamin Faircloth”

  1. Another great post highlighting some of the dangers on the “christian” landscape. Dominionism, NAR et al combined with a global ecumenical movement, combined with a disregard for “the love of the Truth”and just an overall fat sluggish contentment with the traditions of men–are all conspiring collectively to derail the great Truth of the Gospel.
    There is a true illiteracy of the Word of God in these days thus giving licence to the preachers and “apostals” of such new age tripe.

    …..Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,

    Thanks Paul for your persistence in not being ashamed of the gospel of Christ and delivering truth to those still willing to listen.




  2. Great article again, I can’t help but notice from near daily hearing etc that for many one of the reasons why they look to NAR/Dominionism along with other things is …love of the world, also love of any particular nation OF the world. It’s the all in all for many, some maybe not aware they’ve placed it there but it’s the main focus for so many and such things as dominionism and others fit their desires, fit what they love, fit their focus..tickles the ears.
    Jeremiah 17:5 rings out about these day’s,..hearts that have departed from the Lord and also instead looking to things below and not things above or things eternal.

    Just today I read an article about a guy whose taken up preaching repentance=so that they can fix or retake THIS PRESENT WORLD.
    It’s like they come so close..then fall down to making everything apply to this present world first and foremost.
    No repentance to be saved from the judgements of God? Nope, just repentance to fix this present world system, fix it in place.
    Fix it in place without Christ.

    love of the world is a very bad thing, and leads to all sorts of other stuff too it seems, all sorts of wrong paths.

    Yeah the strong delusion is here and more coming. the fullest part of it is yet to come I think. And what gets some people, shocks them, is that God say’s He sends it! It’s not just self/flesh’s delusion, not just the devil’s and worlds delusion (but that still is going on) but a strong delusion that God Himself sends!….also shows He’s entirely serious about all the things going on that He would send such delusion upon all those who’ve rejected and hardened their hearts against Christ Jesus and the greatest gift the world has ever or will ever know, God’s gift of His Son and eternal life in Him. What a tremendous gift.


  3. Paul, I have been reviewing the emergent connection to the NAR. Here is a link to a great website with a wealth of info on its roots and goals. The “in the beginning” documented.


  4. God Bless your brilliant work, Paul, and your commitment to TRUTH while the sleeping “church” slips into oblivion. This NAR poison is creeping up EVERYWHERE. It’s insidious. We must be on guard. Fighting the good fight right along with you, brother!


  5. The NAR dominion/ kingdom now heresy is but one side of the delusion coin. The emergent church has the same roots and goals…build the kingdom of God on earth before Jesus can return. The restrainer is being removed, recall what I said this Paul? Keep up the good work at exposing this world wide net work, I will listen to the sermon shortly.


    1. Hi Pat;
      Great to hear from you.
      Yes the days are getting darker; but just as in the tribulations God’s people endured in Egypt in the days of the Exodus, there shall be light in the dwellings of those who belong to the Lord.
      Blessings to you brother;
      Paul Benson


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