Lord! Help Us PLEASE!!!


by Paul Benson

The simple believeth every word: but the prudent man looketh well to his going. -Solomon son of David

We would call quite foolish a person who crosses the street without first looking in both directions. Many a soul has lost their lives for such a lack of circumspection. And, quite tragically, many have lost their eternal souls in a similar manner. Living willfully unmindful to the danger of sin, compromise, and a perverted gospel only to be, in the day of their passing, mowed down and destroyed by the consequences they had foolishly turned a blind eye to!

KA-POW! Judgment Day!

How horrible would it be to spend your life involved in religious pursuit and end up as little more than spiritual road-kill! If that possibility is not a troubling thought that lingerers in the recesses of our mind we are probably one of the foolish out playing in the traffic! Let’s not spend our days on Earth with our head in the sand. Let’s call a spade a spade!

In a season of introspection I have been taking a good look at not only my own personal life and calling (and my efforts to see that calling fulfilled), but also at the state of this nation and of the American Church in general. Please allow me to be quite frank as to my conclusions.

A Nation Under Judgment!

What I see when I look around is a nation awash in a filthy flood of abomination and rebellion, seemingly oblivious to the coming consequences of such; and a Christian Church (compromised, marginalized, deluded, and distracted) falling so very short of her godly potential to impact a dying humanity. Though the Christian Church has been given a divine quiver of powerful arrows (a quiver that can never be depleted) so very few even have the savvy to nock a shaft, let alone hit a target.

And when I turn the spotlight on my own self I must admit I am not all that impressed with what I see either!

I am terribly unsatisfied with what I see when I scrutinize my own walk. I just don’t see before me a target with a bulls-eye full of arrows! Though I have certainly flung a myriad of arrows in my day, so very few have hit the mark in a way that I feel truly evidences the spirit of excellence I long to exemplify. And no, I am not snared in a sin, or just wallowing in a spirit of depression or self-degradation.

I am just engaging in some honest appraisal here.

Though I do recognize the successes I have experienced in this battle with evil we are engaged in, and I do so very much appreciate the e-mails and comments of affirmation I receive, when I compare where I am at with the vision God instilled in me the day I was filled with the Holy Ghost in 1980, any successes of mine (or the American church) seem so meager in comparison.

Paltry in fact! Measly, and miserable compared to what I was shown!

And the only sane conclusion I can come to is that we ALL (You, I, the Church, and our nation) are urgently in need of God’s assistance. And I feel we need to be desperately crying out for that Divine assistance as never before!

Like a baby-buggy casually strolled out in front of a speeding bus the American Church is waltzing this nation headlong to a fate few can imagine. We are, and have been for quite some time, a nation under the Judgment of God! Whether we realize it or not God is dealing with the sins of this country! We need to grasp the fact that sin, whether it be the sin of an individual or of a nation, is not without consequence. And the consequences heading our way are a far cry from the age of peace and safety being prophesied by the backslid so called ‘prophetic movement’ of this generation.

The Bible states that the events detailed in the Old Testament were given us as examples to learn from. In studying these examples we can learn how God deals with individuals, peoples, and even nations. I have spent considerable time studying ancient Israel in the light of God’s dealings with her, and also the contrast between what was prophesied in their day by both the true and the false prophets.

To me, the parallel between the social and religious climate of Israel, in the time of her destruction in the days of Nebuchadnezzar, and that of the USA today is unmistakable. There had to be some sort of deluding influence at work to cause them to not recognize the Judgment of God as it unfolded; and to ignore the call to repentance that God so patiently repeated year after year.

And the contrast between the words of the true prophetic message of their day and the false exactly mirrors the same contrast I hear among those who claim to be speaking on God’s behalf in this very day. The ear-tickling false prophets basked in the spotlight, occupying positions of exalted status among the populous and in the temple, while the true prophets of God were commonly ridiculed and rejected.

Many of them (like poor Jeremiah) spent years rotting away in rank dungeons for daring to suggest God was displeased with his people and was going to allow their nation to be conquered, decimated, and occupied by their enemies. Others became outcasts of society; and some were even slain outright for their faithfulness to speak the truth.

But turning a deaf ear to the call to repentance and relishing in the pacifying words of the deceivers of their day resulted in the fall of Jerusalem and the captivity of the surviving who were not slain in the invasion of the nation. Is it reasonable we should expect different results for the same behavior? Should ‘the I AM who changeth not’ suddenly alter his ways just because we are the great and mighty United States of America?

I wouldn’t count on it!

The Current Reprieve

Although I certainly rejoice that Donald Trump is sitting in the Oval Office and not Hillary Clinton I do NOT see him as the answer to the fallen condition of this nation! Donald Trump can never make this nation great again. Though he certainly seems to be making steps in the right direction for the good of this country, in the end it is the behavior of the people that makes a nation righteous or unrighteous in the eyes of our God.

I honestly do feel that if HRC had gained control of the White House this nation would probably have seen an escalation of all the oppressive and totalitarian control over us we have seen rise in recent years; and also a furthering of the dangerous ‘Imperial March’ across the Middle East she has been so much a part of. There is a strong possibility we would now be involved in military conflict that would result in the loss of many millions of lives.

So it is clear to me that this nation has been granted some sort of a reprieve. But I think it crucial we see this in the proper light. It is a reprieve and NOT a pardon. It was by the mercy of God that he chose not to let Judgment unfold at that rate; and instead granted us more space to turn to righteousness.

But, like ancient Israel did, is the American Church also mistaking the long-suffering of God (and his willingness to expand the time granted to heed his call to repent and turn from unrighteousness) as evidence of still being in his good favor? I think we are; and this is a dangerous misconception! And just as this was a fatal mistake for the people of Jerusalem in 587 B.C. it could also (and most likely will) be for this nation.

Speaking of parallels between ancient Israel and the current USA; Israel had also been given a reprieve and then squandered that opportunity! The Assyrian forces had encamped against the fortified city of Jerusalem, and laid siege to the city, for well over a year. It was a horrible time of worry and anguish for the Israelis. The people were worn down, and brought to the point of starvation.

But even in the midst of impending destruction the false prophets kept up their deluded ramblings to the people about the favor of God still being upon them, and that every thing would be alright. And when the Assyrian army withdrew to go deal with more important conflicts elsewhere the false prophets appeared to be right; and their celebrity status rose to new heights! And the true men of God were reviled and ridiculed all the more. They were even accused of being enemies of the nation for their prophecies of the coming destruction.

And the people continued on in their foolish delusion that, in spite of their wicked ways and their disregard for the divine call to repentance, somehow God would make Israel great again as the false prophets were promising them!

But that delusion had a limited shelf life. It wasn’t too long before the armies of Nebuchadnezzar returned and re-engaged their assault upon the city. With the end of it all being that, after a long period of hardship that we cannot even fathom, the city fell and was destroyed. The opportunity for repentance had passed; and the long prophesied Judgment had finally manifested in horrible intensity!

I believe the same fate awaits America in her current condition. And there is not any indication that America as a whole is heeding the call to return to righteousness. Although I believe Christians can find great blessing in the midst of a nation under Judgment (as I have written here) the future of this nation is that she will reap the fruit of the seeds of death and destruction she has so haughtily sown elsewhere.

America is no longer a great nation!

A nation that murders unborn children by the millions is not a great nation!

A nation that has defiled, and continues to defile, the world around us with a flood of the evil of pornography is not a great nation!

A nation that embraces the perversion of same-sex marriage, and allows deviates to stand in the pulpit and claim to be spokespersons for God is not a great nation!

A nation that invades and destroys country after country to further the interests of multinational corporations, and to line the pockets of her politicians (all the while claiming to do it for humanitarian reasons) is not a great nation!

If we as a nation do not reap what we have sown then God will be made a liar! There is only one way to get out from under the coming Judgment of God. The solution is not political; it is spiritual. Only nationwide repentance can get our sins under the Blood of Christ and washed away! Repentance and a return to righteousness is this nation’s only hope!

Please Pray!

I am once again asking you to pray not only for this nation, but also for me personally. Seriously! I honesly do covet your prayers; and I am fully convinced they make a difference. It is prayer support I am after and not financial support. Some wonder why I don’t pester my readers to support this ministry financially as so many others do. The reason is simple:

You are not my supplier!

When I need funds I go to my source of supply; and God is able to manifest that supply in a myriad of ways. Yes, I have made an avenue on the site for others to give (and if he speaks to you to be a part of his supply that is fine and dandy); but if not it matters little to me, as he is always faithful to manifest what he thinks I require. ALWAYS!

Some times God allows a season of abundance to come my way; and sometimes he thinks I require a period of abasement, and lovingly sees to it that I spend some time in the fires of purification. At times it does seem like I spend a great deal more time in the basement than the penthouse (so to speak), but that’s OK too! Both are a fruit of his love for me; and I have come to accept (and even appreciate) the wilderness times as well as the mountaintop experiences.

So, if I do bug you for support, it is not your $$$ I am after, but your earnest prayer. I am really feeling like I need to up the ante, and move into new directions. I have for some time been considering a podcast format. But I would really like to hear some clear direction from the Lord; and not spin my wheels pursuing any good intentions or cleaver ideas of my own. There are enough Ishmaels in the Body of Christ today, we don’t need me birthing another one! So on I pray; and I hope you would add your prayers to mine.

And I am most certainly concerned about the state (and future fate) of this nation. Most Christians in America seem to be under a spell that has them oblivious to the impending Judgment the sins of this nation will someday manifest. If the precursors of Judgment and the current call to repentance are not heeded the floodgates of God’s anger WILL be opened. Possibly when we least expect it!

A unmistakable truism presented in the Bible is that the Judgment of God often manifests as sudden destruction upon a people who were slumbering in a deluded expectation of continued peace and safety. We, the Christian Church of the USA, are for the most part snoozing right along with the rest of the slumbering populous.

We need to cast off that spirit of slumber and raise an outcry of warning about what is to befall our nation if repentance is not forth-coming. It is my full intention to continue to sound that alarm as long as God enables me to do so, and in whatever format he leads. Will you join me as I lift my voice to Heaven and cry:

Lord! Help Us PLEASE!!!

Paul Benson



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Author: Paul Benson

My Website is at www.paulbenson.me. My blog 'Let's Get It Right!' is at pbenson.me.

8 thoughts on “Lord! Help Us PLEASE!!!”

  1. I Thess 5:11 “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.”

    Be encouraged Paul

    Isaiah 43:2 “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.”

    Joshua 1:9 “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”

    Spot on again Paul with your heart and passion and message. I too was drawn to your site some time ago because of the honest message of truth. I pray often for you and others “out there” who carry this particular torch. My prayers will now also include new clarity on the direction God desires you to move (if at all) in the method of your message.

    Have spent considerable time as well reading the Scriptures dealing with the Israelite’s in the “promised land”. Cycles of blessing followed by incomprehensible suffering—-and all tied to the collective choices of the people and their rulers. At some points I just throw my hands up in the air and want to scream. How can a people, chosen by God Almighty Himself, so deliberately taunt, by their actions in sin, the very God Who covenanted with them?

    And yet here we are–doing the same thing. Scripture is clear that “He is the same yesterday, today and forever”. The Old Testament writings, among other things, exposes the very nature of God. His measuring stick and plumb line and indeed His very Nature are the same as they have always been. This is both a frightening yet comforting consideration.

    Folks, if you want hear from God–READ THE WORD. If you want to hear Him audibly-READ IT OUT LOUD

    Your part in pushing fat, er- content Christians off their pews —to consider God’s Word as written for themselves—is commendable. Early on I was offended by some of your postings but that was because I valued my opinion and the traditions of men over the Truth. Keep fighting the good fight.

    Isaiah 40:28-31 “28 Do you not know? Have you not heard? The LORD is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary, and his understanding no one can fathom. 29 He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. 30 Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; 31 but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.




  2. People do confuse the word “church” with some organized corporate entity. Those are man-made constructions and indeed are quite infested with the unholy. Call those groups by another name. The REAL Church is a holy self-searching entity. Some say called out ones. The Saints. True Believers. Pick any term you prefer. Until Yeshua or death, whichever comes first, there is still a possibility for people to wake up to God’s truth. Unless Holy Spirit gives the wake-up call, people in these so-called churches are happy with their choice. They are serving a god of their own choosing. You could call it flea market Christianity.

    Find a few friends and worship at home. Make your own music or sing a capella. A much safer choice especially in future when the evil one goes into search and destroy mode.


    1. Well said, Frances.

      “You could call it flea market Christianity”

      No, that’s too much a beautiful title! People can sometimes find real treasures in the flea markets… I would rather call that a “counterfeit Christianity”…


    2. Counterfeit is a good description too.

      The image I had in mind at the flea market is how people rummage through items looking for ‘bling’ with a kind of bargain basement fervor. Flea market is a term my friend Greg came up with. Quite a colorful picture I think.
      Shalom to you and yours.


  3. “…but also at the state of this nation and of the American Church in general…”

    Why limit it to America? Do American people think that the church is better elsewhere?

    I went to many countries, and what I see is the same everywhere. I am now in Toronto, Canada; several years ago, I tried to find a church, and I was unable to find even one church, including Chinese and Indonesian churches – there are hundreds of them here – where I can endure to stay in. Everywhere I went “is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird” (Rev 18:2), and I was spiritually, mentally and physically (audibly) tortured anywhere I went, before being told to go away when I was courageous enough to exprime my thoughts… like other classical musicians that were first silenced then forced to watch these demon possessed people scratching electric guitar…

    English is an international language so English websites are read from people from any country, as there are very few, if any, (good) Christian sites available in other languages. For these reasons, I think it would be better if American people avoid using terms like “here in America”, or “in our country”, when speaking about the church in general in their websites. (I also suggest to avoid the use of Farenheit degrees that are not even used in England anymore. It’s not funny to take your °F temperature, subtract 32 then divide by 1.8 to understand what it means…)


  4. Paul I found your website a few years ago I agree with you your spirit is hungry I read your blog on tusdays I am looking for a fellowship that shares your view if you can direct to a body in Connecticut please respond God bless


  5. Paul, good post. I agree with you from top to bottom. I will pray for you brother and hope the Lord keeps filling your heart with His joy. No matter how bad the circumstances are around us our joy can be plentyfull.


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