The Two Camps of the Prophetic Voices – Jeremiah Johnson

(INTRO: I always encourage my readers to seek strong discernment concerning the many seemingly conflicting words of prophecy that are going forth today. I recently read a couple of articles by Jeremiah Johnson that I felt gave some good food for thought. I would like to present them for your consideration; let me know what your thoughts are. This is a man who spent years in the midst of what I would call a false move of God, and had to step back and say: ‘Wait a minute – something is very wrong here!’ Although he is a little easier on the ‘positive words only’ prophets than I feel they deserve, I think he has great insight into the issue. His personal site is currently off-line but I linked to these articles reposted on Miranda Devon’s site ‘Why God’. Thank you Miranda! Paul Benson)


The Two Camps Of The Prophetic Voices- Jeremiah Johnson


Positive, Politically Correct, and Performance Based Prophecy -Jeremiah Johnson


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2 thoughts on “The Two Camps of the Prophetic Voices – Jeremiah Johnson”

  1. Re Positive, Politically Correct, and Performance Based

    Father has many messages for His children. Those who have raised children or are teachers know that one must start with discipline before a teaching can be received.

    A friend just started a new job as a first time teacher (second grade). Into her third week she had to develop many ‘drill sergeant’ techniques just to keep down the incipient chaos of 22 lively munchkins. THEN they become receptive enough to actually learn something (and she does love it when their little lights go on).

    People gravitate to prophetic words that fit their outlook. The burned out bitter ones go for the rebuking words. The childish ones like soothing sweet words. (You know, those who spend way too much time watching cute puppy and kitten videos online.)

    Father has so much patience with us! But someday it will be grow up fast time. The effects will not be pleasant. Remember our brothers and sisters who are currently dying for their faith. Martyrs all. Even little children would not back down in the face of death. Would that we can be as brave.


  2. Reactionary prophecy is fueled by the political spirit. It believes its job is to clean someone else’s mess up when it can’t see its own or build on what another has said in a kind of one-up-manship.
    We’ve heard about the Religious spirit before. The Political spirit may be a new moniker but it has infected many Ministries, especially the online kind. How many hours are spent lamb basting other Ministries for their perceived mistakes rather than giving a truly inspiring and helpful message to a suffering public. The foolish will follow the trendy crowd and thereby suffer the consequences. Father knows what’s what. Ministries going down the wrong road will meet their fate along with the foolish. Perhaps this process is part of separating wheat from tares happening right about now. The True Sheep know the shepherd’s voice and go quietly on their way keeping a direct line open to The Source. When modern communications fail, the false voices will be heard no longer. Problem solved.


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