The City of Neom (and its role in the fulfillment of end-time prophecy).

Should the city of Neom really be named ‘Neo-Bable’? Maybe!



Much has been said recently about the proposed construction of a massive city in the middle-east named Neom. A vast metropolis that will dwarf New York City many times over, and built with AI as its central nervous system, it will also amazingly promote the modernizing of Islamic religion and culture, and the melding of it into a new-age mindset of global unity.  Of all the talks I have heard on this issue I would like to refer you to one by Watchman Alexander.

The reason I found this one so interesting and relevant is that he addresses an issue that has always bothered me. And that is that much said in the end-time prophecies doesn’t seem to fit the current demographics of the world scene. Many try to get around this by spiritualizing prophetic references, like the ones about Mystery Babylon, and claiming America (or New York City in particular) or Rome fit the bill. But I never have bought into those conclusions.

Without making too much commentary I will just let the video speak for itself; and I think you will find his conclusions just as interesting as I did. Is Alexander spot on with all his other teachings? I am not totally sure as I have not listened to a lot of his stuff. But his notions about Neom, and the way the rapid changes going on in the middle-east make the end-time prophesies make much more sense, sure got my attention! Let me know what you think.

And, in case you are interested, here are Watchman Alexander’s  top ten reasons for rejecting the pre-trib rapture hoax:

The Top Ten Reasons Why the Rapture Won’t Occur Before the Tribulation

And for more info on the city of Neom here is the official website:


Blessings to all who love our Christ;

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