The Church, The Tribulation, and The Great Falling Away – Zac Poonen

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I don’t know that I could possibly recommend a more insightful and balanced ministry than that of brother Zac Poonen. His teachings on Christian doctrine in general, and the eschatology in particular presented in the following video, are in excellent harmony with the Scriptures.

He, a former ‘pre-tribber’, left behind that erroneous teaching for the very same reason I did. He could not find it in the Bible though he searched for it diligently. The Word of God was speaking no such thing to him. The only place he was hearing it was from the pulpit!

Please take time to listen to this man of God warn of the deceptions associated with the Return of our Lord being taught today by Christians who have been deceived by seducing spirits and doctrines of devils. . He also does an excellent job explaining the difference between tribulation and the wrath of God. This brother’s preaching is a strong and bold warning; but it is also very edifying, encouraging, and Christ exalting. P.B.


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8 thoughts on “The Church, The Tribulation, and The Great Falling Away – Zac Poonen”

  1. Paul, thank you for clarifying the myth of the pre-trib rupture because I was confused about the different teaching especially I liked to listen to Calvary Chapel or other evangelical Bible Prophecy teachers but they all are pre-trib and now I know the truth.


  2. Zac Poonen is not telling you the truth, but a lie. He asserts that the word `tribulation` never appears in the Old but only in the New Testament. In fact, the word `tribulation` appears three times in the Old Testament:

    (Edited by P.B.)

    Mr. Benson, I urge you to make doubly sure that whatever you or your fundi say can indeed be substantiated by God`s Word.

    Let me remind you what you wrote in your book `A Bucket Full of Holes.`

    It is absolutely amazing the lengths folks will go to in order to fabricate various proofs, or twist alternate renderings out of verse, to provide support for their theory. Much of this book deals with debunking those cagey ‘proofs’ and showing them to be unworkable. All in all I think you will find much to ponder in these pages.
    So let’s engage that safeguard of critical examination and take a thorough look at all the various facets of pre-trib theory, and see if there really is any reason we should be believing in such a concept. – Paul Benson

    You are guilty of your own indictment. How can we trust you and your fundi when you refuse to remove the beam from your own eyes?


    1. Hi Tom;
      I caught that statement also; but I would caution against such an attitude of accusation and mistrust of Bro. Poonen’s (or my own ministry) over his words. Those words are easily explainable; and I think he deserves a bit more grace than you seem to be willing to give him.

      As I understand it Brother Poonen and those associated with his ministry use the New American Standard Bible for their study and preaching. Although I strongly advise my readers to use only the KJV due to the errors and deletions I have discovered to be prominent in ALL modern versions; I do not discredit the preaching or ministry of any who do chose to use them.

      Brother Poonen was not lying or being deceptive with what he was saying. The word ‘tribulation does NOT occur in the Old Testament in the NASB. Brother Poonen is a humble and faithful man of God; and I am sure that if any pointed out to him the word tribulation does occur 3 times in the O.T. in the KJV (or others) he would gladly amend his statement to reflect that fact. But be that as it may; it does not alter the validity of his comments concerning the difference between God’s dealings with man in either the O.T. or N.T. era; nor the validity of his message on the incorrectness of pre-trib theory.

      He was not being cagey, twisting Scripture to make false claims, nor was he fabricating ‘proofs’ (practices I can clearly show evident in pre-trib preaching and teaching!). Your insinuation Brother Poonen was lying, and his entire teaching was untrue just because you found a point you thought you could discredit him on is unfounded (and quite telling).

      The truth remains that the pre-trib rapture teaching is a provably false concept. It is an unbiblical creation of man that disregards the truths that are plainly and clearly stated in the Bible; and exalts instead man’s wayward notions about the end-time scenario that have no foundation in the Word of God!

      I am sorry you have chosen to embrace that fable rather than the expressly stated truths of the Scriptures. May the Lord lead us all into his perfect truth;
      Paul Benson

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    1. Hi Mat;
      No, sorry I just don’t see the connection.

      Personally, and I may be wrong on this point, but I believe the Antichrist will probably be a Homosexual as the prophecies about him state he ‘will not regard the desire of women'(Daniel 11:37); and Trump certainly does not fit that bill.

      Paul Benson

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    2. Obama certainly serves satan but biblically he cannot be the Antichrist.
      Daniel 9:26 says Antichrist will have Roman heritage, and Micah 5:5-6 calls Antichrist, the Assyrian. But there is no reason to believe that a man with Roman heritage must be born in Europe. And there is no reason to believe a man with Assyrian heritage must be born in the Middle East.
      Donald Trump’s family originates in Germany. The ancient historical record tells us that Germany’s oldest city, Trier, grew from an Assyrian colony founded on the site many centuries before Christ. According to the ancient history, a large band of Assyrians colonized the Rhine region in what is now southwestern Germany. The ancient city of Trier is recognized by its inhabitants as Germany’s first city, originally founded by Assyrians.
      Trier, and all of southern Germany, was later conquered by the Romans in the first century BC. Centuries later, Arab sources in the Middle Ages were still referring to the Germans as Assyrians. The city of Trier is less than 100 miles from Trump’s family ancestral German village of Kallstadt in southwest Germany. Consequently, Trump could likely have both Assyrian and Roman DNA – interesting because of the prophecies: Daniel 9:26 says Antichrist will have Roman heritage, and Micah 5:5-6 calls Antichrist, the Assyrian.
      I do believe that there is more to the fact that the Antichrist is called the Assyrian. Micah 5:5-6 is talking about the great enemy of Israel at the time of Micah, the Assyrians, a warring nation that carried the divided tribes of Israel into captivity. Assyria was succeeded by the Babylonians who then carried Judah into captivity years later. So “Assyria” represents the evil empire of the Adversary, the land of Nimrod. We understand Nimrod to be the first “king of the world” – he was king of Babel, where all nations began under one king. He also built Ninevah and the kingdom of Assyria. He was the first worldly king, and Antichrist is the last worldly king. So Nimrod is a picture, a type, a forerunner of Antichrist. Antichrist is like unto Nimrod the Assyrian, the original anti-christ ruler who tried to subjugate the entire world under his domination. The original Nimrod was thwarted at Babel, the final Nimrod will be thwarted at Armageddon. Jesus Christ is Lord of all, King of kings, Lord of lords.


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