The Sifting Process – David Wilkerson


Hello brothers and sisters in Christ. Last week I wrote about the coming purge of Christianity that will precede the Return of our Lord. Here is a great message by David Wilkerson that discusses this process of purification on an individual level.

I have stated many times I feel the greatest preparation one can do for what lies ahead is to get rid of whatever might be keeping you out of God’s favor and his perfect will for your life, and to immerse yourself in his Holy Word. To those who are compromised and defiled with the things of this world the days ahead are going to be a horrible time of purging.

But to those who have already been sifted (judged and dealt with not only by God but by their own selves) the days ahead will be a time of knowing God’s favor. A time of great fruitfulness in the midst of a chaotic world. Though persecutions and hardships will abound I fully believe that those who are truly ‘gold purified by fire’ will see adventure and wonders that will eclipse what we see in the book of Acts!

The days when many are falling away from the faith (when confronted with the trials, tribulations, and hardships associated with the time of  tribulation and Antichrist’s mark of the Beast and his war on the Saints) will also be the time of the greatest revival and ingathering of new believers this world has ever known!

I hope this message by one of the greatest men of God this country has ever known will not only warn you, but also encourage you to move in line with what God is trying to work out in you for your benefit and his glory. P.B.


Author: Paul Benson

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