Elijah List Testimony – How I Worked 7 Years to Deceive You – Kevin Kleint

{Note from Paul Benson: Kevin Kleint recently republished his testimony on his site. I had read Kevin’s testimony quite some time ago and it really had a familiar ring to it as I myself had to work my way through the muddle and mixture of what many call the modern day prophetic movement. In 2003-2004 as I began to speak against the false teachings and wayward lifestyles of the celebrity speakers who had gained such prominence and respect among the progressive faction of the Western Church I was meet with great rebuke and ridicule.  Few seemed interested in following the Apostle Paul’s exhortation to ‘Prove all things and hold fast that which is good’.

And please let me add my opinion that the deception being manifest in the days Kevin worked for the Elijah List was quite adolescent compared to the current deception. The anti-biblical and ecumenical nature of much of what is being touted as ‘what God is dong in this generation’ has greatly increased in recent years. If you think those associated with the Elijah List, Bethel Church, IHOP, those promoting the Seven Mountains Mandate, or the ‘Prophets/Prophetesses that have come to be labeled by many as the *’New Apostolic Reformation’ are speaking on behalf of your Heavenly Father, then you really need to get before God and seek some discernment!

The title ‘NAR’ that many such as myself use to point to a specific sphere of deceptive teachings and practices of ministry is just a moniker coined by those who originally spear-headed this ‘move’ (ie. C. Peter Wagoner etc.). Many who hold to the wayward teachings of the current deception will point out there is no Organization or Denomination that goes by the name the New Apo0stolic Reformation and that is true; but when you examine their beliefs and teachings you will find a common belief in a global hierarchy of ‘Apostolic Authority,’ and the firm belief that all Christians must come under the umbrella of these modern day Apostles and Prophets who have received an ‘updated’ vision for the Church.

But sadly, this ‘revised gospel’ of global ecumenical unity and global Dominion by the Church is NOT the Gospel of the Bible, nor the end-time scenario the prophecies of the Bible predict!

Maybe you think I am barking at the wind with my rebuke of these NAR Prophets and Apostles; but please excuse me if I get a little troubled when I see these ‘celebrity ministers’ laying aside the ‘repentance toward God and faith in the work of our crucified and resurrected Christ’ Gospel message in favor of a modern message that centers around conquering the world to prepare it for the future Reign of Righteousness. AND further troubled when I see them reaching out in unity to the RCC/Pope. The same Pope (a blatant communist!) that has gone so far off the rails that even many of those sitting under him are calling him a heretic!

Shouldn’t we be asking ourselves: WHY are those who claim to be sitting in authority over the Body of Christ in this generation, and claim to be hearing the voice of God, promoting unity with a Pope that believes and states that the Allah of Islam is the God of the Bible? BEWARE!}

My Elijah List Testimony – Working for a Prophetic Hub of Deception

by Kevin Kleint

Between the years 2001-2008, I was the webmaster for the Elijah List, one of the largest distributors of false prophecy for the prophetic movement. During this time, I learned some very difficult, yet beneficial, lessons about God, the prophetic movement and life in general. What’s more, I witnessed “first hand” the deception that goes on behind the scenes in what was (arguably) the most popular prophetic email ministry of the time.

If you read the following posts, you will gain insight into:

These posts have angered some who are neck-deep in the modern day prophetic movement (especially those who are profiting from it) and they have been a confirmation to others who knew that something was off all along.



Author: Paul Benson

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