The Day Jesus Returns – Robert Adams Video

I have been watching the extensive video series by bro. Robert Adams with a great sense of accord. I don’t know where he is at on all matters of Christian doctrine, but he approaches eschatology without preconception or denominational/theological prejudice. I always admire someone who emphasizes clearly stated Bible truths and minimizes personal opinions and speculations.  I think anyone would find much edification, and also much food for thought, in examining his video presentations.

He is another former Pre-tribber who got set free (years ago) from that delusion by embracing the truths of God’s Word over and above the teachings of man. In this video he doesn’t do much teaching; he is merely reading the many scripture passages that deal with the day of Christ’s Return. I got some additional insights just listening to him read these passages! Maybe you will too.



P. S. I’ve been devoting much time and effort to the task of moving into audio and video teaching. Things are coming together and I should have some stuff posted soon. Again, please pray for me. This endeavor has me stretched waaaaaaaay out of my comfort zone and most certainly beyond my technical abilities. But it is looking like progress. P.B.

Author: Paul Benson

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4 thoughts on “The Day Jesus Returns – Robert Adams Video”

  1. Brother Paul, I want to thank you for sharing this Robert Adam’s video. It really blessed and quickened my wife and I. We have been reading most everything you have posted for the last 18 months or so and several other articles you posted before that. We have learned so much and so appreciate your dedicated efforts to teach only what the Word of God teaches. I just finished reading all of The Pre-Trib Rapture: A Bucket Full of Holes and loved it. Thank you for making all your downloads available for free (as the Lord provides). Expect to shortly see a donation to you and the faithful work you are doing in service of the Body of Christ! BTW, I think you have it right as it pertains to the concurrency of the 7 Seals and 7 Trumpets (with the Seals starting sooner) and the Return of our Lord Jesus at the 7th Seal/Trumpet. I see the Bowls/Vials being the “wrath” of God personally administered by the Lord of lords and Kings of kings Himself just as you do!


    1. Michael;
      Thanks a bunch for the encouragement. It is always refreshing to hear the work has been helpful to others. The support is very timely as I just had to build a new computer that will handle video rendering and such (my aged PC decided to fry just when I needed to be tending to all the other things involved in moving forward into video teaching).
      Blessings t you and your family;
      Paul Benson


    2. Thank you and Lord Jesus, Brother Paul! Glad to support such a scripturally-based ministry as yours. All glory be to our God and Savior!


  2. “P. S. I’ve been devoting much time and effort to the task of moving into audio and video teaching.”

    Good look. But even if you succeed moving into audio and video teaching, please at list have a written transcript of the audios and videos. There are people like me that become fluent to read and write in English because English is the international language used with computers, but who don’t understand one word of spoken English. Thanks.


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