Eschatological Accountability (Paul Benson video)

Are you bringing condemnation upon yourself by teaching things about the end-times that the Bible does not? There WILL be consequences!

The pre-tribulation rapture hoax exposed

Well folks, as promised here is the first of the video series I will (Lord willing) be producing. It’s been quite a process to get to this point. But I have a strong witness this is the direction the Lord is leading, and will hopefully be uploading teachings on a consistent basis.

I do feel compelled to apologize for the choppy editing (and the annoying glare on the glasses). But hey, every journeyman was once a rookie, right? I am sure that with some experience I can improve in the areas I now find myself lacking.

The matter of the accountability teachers and preachers will face over falsehood being promoted as ‘Bible Doctrine’ is one I rarely hear addressed. And when you look specifically at the area of eschatology it is almost taboo to make mention of that accountability. There is such a prevalent atmosphere of: ‘Don’t you dare call someone preaching a different view on the rapture than you a deceiver!’ Or quite commonly we hear: ‘If we don’t believe the same thing then let’s just agree to disagree!’. I could literally vomit every time I hear someone spout that nonsense as if it were a promotion of true Christian unity. In what crazy mixed up world does not addressing discrepancies in doctrine now become obeying the scriptural command for believers to ‘speak the same thing and have the same mind’?

Agreeing to disagree is NOT unity; it is compromise. And it clearly exposes the lazy and complacent nature of Western Christianity. If we would come together in godly humility and a genuine hunger for the truth, seeking a true foundation for our end-time teachings in the multiplied witness of the Word of God, fables and false teachings (like the pre-trib rapture) would quickly fall by the wayside. It is only when we allow ourselves to be lured away from that safeguard of a scriptural foundation, or be convinced to disregard what is plainly stated in the Scripture text, that deceptive teachings can take root and flourish.

Please feel free to comment on the video. May the Lord give us a heart to receive what his Word really does teach about the days ahead and the Return of our Christ.

Paul Benson

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6 thoughts on “Eschatological Accountability (Paul Benson video)”

  1. Thank you Paul for driving the point home…Truth is all there is, nothing compares to it, nothing is more important.

    Great video, glad to have a voice and face to put to your teachings.



  2. Great video Paul, you really drive home the seriousness of teaching a perceived truth whether it was ascertained or taught to you by someone, as doctrine. Truth has become increasingly difficult to find but anyone who has read Acts 17 really needs no further verification on what you’ve taught in this video…Looking forward to the next one!


  3. I have wondered about this same thing for some time now. I have thought that teaching, as far as I can surmise what is a false doctrine, that there would be consequences for it.


  4. Paul, Welcome to the land of videos. It’s good to put a face with the articles. I believe it makes it more personal and more relatable. The video was just fine and I don’t believe you give yourself enough credit.

    I was raised catholic but left those false teachings years ago. You talk about being taught error!
    For those that might still be under the cloud of Catholicism let me point you to a site:


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