Stolen Snippets and the Pre-trib Rapture! Paul Benson video

the pre-trib rapture doctrine

Hi folks!

How many times have you heard phraseology like ‘in the twinkling of an eye’ or ‘like a thief in the night’ or ‘of that day and hour no man knows’ used to convey the idea that the Church will not be on earth to face Antichrist and his war on the Saints? That Christians will NOT go thru the time of tribulation prophesied to unfold in the final years of this age? Where, oh where, did the pre-trib crowd find all these cool catch-phrases to spruce up their teachings?

Somewhere along the line (many years ago) it dawned upon me that every single one of the many catchy phrases associated with the pre-trib hoax had its origin in a passage that in no way presented the notion (or timing) of a pre-trib Coming. Every single snippet turned catch-phrase the pre-trib preachers utilize to spin their yarn was hi-jacked from its rightful context; and is misused to try and show a biblical foundation for the myriad of false claims that teaching presents.

Please give a listen and see if you don’t agree.

Why don’t the pre-trib teachers and preachers lift their catch-phrases from passages that deal with a pre-trib coming instead of ones on the Second Coming?

Because there ARE NONE! The Bible teaches no such thing. It is a false construct and a deluding fable!

Can you think of any other ‘snippets turned catch-phrases’ that have been hi-jacked from their context and assigned a different purpose than that originally intended? Feel free to post them in the comments! And please do share the video with others.

Blessings upon all who love our Christ;

Paul Benson

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8 thoughts on “Stolen Snippets and the Pre-trib Rapture! Paul Benson video”

  1. Thanks Paul, your teachings are always thought provoking and insightful. In some of your other articles you touched upon another one of modern day Christianity’s “mainstream” teachings, that being, the doctrine of OSAS. There are many teachings out there that present a very convincing view on this axiom but this leads me to question it simply because it IS popular. Of coarse there are the scriptures that seemingly contradict “once saved always saved” as in Heb. 6, Rev. 22 and others…It’s the “seemingly” part that me and many others teeter totter on. Having said this I’m just wondering if you have any plans to produce an in-depth study on a subject that has the potential to be one of the most misleading teachings of them all? Teeter; Revelation 22…Totter; the sinners included in Hebrews 11’s Hall of Fame.
    Much thanks Paul. Looking forward to your next entry either written or video.
    Looking for His Return. Rick.


    1. Hi Rick;
      Thanks for the comment. Yes, Lord willing I will be doing some videos on the error of the OSAS teachings, but perhaps in a more simplistic manner than those others have done.

      My simplistic view is that if the OSAS claim were true the Word of God would absolutely NOT have been worded as it is in quite a number of places. And we would not not see the strong warnings of apostatizing, nor the examples of those who had done so clearly evident in the Bible.
      Paul Benson


  2. Great video Paul, I would like it if you could make it a bit louder cause I cant hear all that is said, I get most of it. I do have some hearing problems but the volume is below average, Other then that I think heres one …the rapture is to take us to heaven for THE WEDDING FEAST OF THE LAMB. Study the Word to determine just where and when the Wedding Feast happens. For me it says indirectly after the kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of our Lord and His Christ.


    1. Hi Patrick;
      I’ll see if I can bump up the volume a bit. Thanks for the input.
      Yes, you are right; there is no legitimate reason to associate the Marriage Supper as a pre-trib event. And there is no place the Bible describes the Church leaving Earth and going to Heaven let alone a marriage supper there. The context of Revelation 19 is the Return of Christ to this world and it says the Bride has made herself ready. To me that indicates she was not previously ready, and also that this marriage had not happened previously either.
      Paul Benson


  3. Well, that was surly easy enough to understand. Looking forward for part 2. By the way, I liked the t-shirt and hat. Was like looking in a mirror.


    1. Hey Charlie;
      I hope that simply looking at the many instances the of misuse of Scripture is employed to promote the pre-trib theory might provoke a few to re-examine their beliefs.

      And yes you not not likely to see me in a suit and tie! I just never have seen how tying a piece of cloth around your neck makes anyone a better spokesperson for the Kingdom. There are some who seem to think if Jesus was walking the earth ministering today that he would be outfitted in a suit and tie. I highly doubt it.
      Paul Benson


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