Is The Great Tribulation The Wrath Of God? Part 1 (Paul Benson video)

Have you been convinced that the coming time of great tribulation is God’s Wrath being poured out on this world? Can you show me where the Bible teaches such a thing?

Hi all;

This is the first of a three part video series on the bogus claim that the time of great tribulation is the Wrath of God. Since the whole Pre-tribulation Rapture teaching rests on this notion it is an issue that needs some close scrutiny by those seeking the truth about the prophetic events about to unfold in the near future.

In this series of video teachings we will be concentrating on three key areas of discernment:

1. The difference between God’s temporal Judgments and his eternal Wrath.

2. The usage of the word ‘tribulation’ in the New Testament; and also just WHAT did Jesus mean with the words: ‘then shall be great tribulation’?

3. Examining the clear and precise timing the Scriptures give to the out-pouring of God’s Wrath in the end-time scenario.

Please feel free to share your thoughts as we examine this greatly misunderstood and grossly mistreated aspect of the end-time prophecies.


Blessings to all who love our Christ;

Paul Benson

Author: Paul Benson

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3 thoughts on “Is The Great Tribulation The Wrath Of God? Part 1 (Paul Benson video)”

  1. You hit the nail on the head Paul, its another (false) gospel, false good news. Cunningly devised theology.


  2. WOW! That’s a really, really good teaching Paul. Very well done video.
    Amen! Amen! Praise Jesus Christ!


    1. Thanks Mat;
      We as the Body of Christ need to get over this notion that the final years of this age are an expression of God’s eternal wrath (and therefor God must remove us before this time). We’ve been inundated with this idea for decades now; and it is the very foundation of the pre-trib error. But it is just not something organic to the Scriptures. It is a bogus teaching whispered forth from the lips of the Deceiver!
      As I said in the video: false teaching about the Second Coming is a false gospel no less serious than any other perverting of the Word of God. And as John recorded in Revelation 22: the perverting of God’s end-time teachings can remove your name from the Book of Life.
      Paul Benson


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