Is The Great Tribulation God’s Wrath? part II (Paul Benson video)

Exactly what did Jesus mean with the words ‘then shall be great tribulation’? Was he speaking of the Wrath of God or something else entirely?

Hi everyone;

Here is the second of the promised three videos on God’s wrath in the end-times. If you missed the first one you can find it HERE.

I welcome your comments (or criticism) on these teachings. Still a little rough around the edges (I’m still a rookie at video production, editing, etc.) but I am sure the content will speak for itself. If you click on the Youtube logo it will take you to Youtube where you can see it full-screen.

Blessings to all who love our Christ;

Paul Benson


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2 thoughts on “Is The Great Tribulation God’s Wrath? part II (Paul Benson video)”

  1. Excellent word study. I took three years of Latin in high school (back in the late Jurassic period) and learned something new today thanks to you!

    Your videos are getting better and better. The visuals help a lot as you can pause to read the verses. Very helpful. Keep going!



    1. Hi Frances;
      I really got a boost out of the ‘revelation’ about the tribulum! And I would have certainly passed right by it except for a nudge from the Holy Spirit. Jesus’ promise that the Spirit would guide his followers into all truth is just as active today as it was 20 centuries ago! Praise God!
      Blessings to you;
      Paul Benson


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