Is The Great Tribulation the Wrath Of God? part 3 The Biblical Timing Of The Wrath Of God In The Last Days.

A proper understanding of end-time prophecy cannot be had without answering the claim that the tribulation period is God’s Wrath. Is this claim legit or not?

Hi folks!

This is part 3 of a series that answers the question of whether or not the time of great tribulation is the Wrath of God. You can find part 1 here:…

The entire concept of a Pre-tribulation Rapture rests upon the claim that the time-frame commonly referred to a the Great Tribulation is the Wrath of God being poured out upon planet Earth; and because the Church is not appointed to Wrath we will be taken from this world prior to that period. But nowhere does the Bible present the notion the Wrath of God is poured out before the Return of Christ to Earth. In this series we will explore the following keys of discernment to help us understand a proper view of end-time events:

1. The difference between God’s temporal Judgments and his eternal Wrath.

2. What Jesus really meant with his words: ‘then shall be great tribulation’.

3. The true and plainly stated biblical timing of God’s wrath in the last days.

May the Lord open our eyes to all the falsehoods being taught about the end-times and the Return of our Lord Jesus Christ;

Paul Benson


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2 thoughts on “Is The Great Tribulation the Wrath Of God? part 3 The Biblical Timing Of The Wrath Of God In The Last Days.”

  1. Hi, I liked the first installment and am going to watch the second. Is this a good place to ask questions or the contact page? Thanks!


    1. Hi Rl;
      Thanks for the visit. The contact page is usually the best place for me to answer questions. Look forward to hearing from you.
      Paul Benson


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