Health Update

Hi All!

Just wanted to take a moment and apologize for the lack of activity on the site recently. Turned out the weird eye issues I was experiencing (that seemed like horrible allergies and such) was actually very high inner eye pressure; and the fix was a procedure called an Almed Glaucoma Valve insertion which left me with a row of stitches across the top of my right eye.

Now the pressure has returned to normal; but as you can imagine (think 20 wood chips or stray eye-lashes in your eye all at once. YES THAT BAD!) eye-stitches and compute monitors don’t go very well together. But recent days have seen some relief compared to the first week or so; and the sensitivity to light is not quite so bad.

I do have another video teaching about ready to go and hope to have it (The True Biblical Timing of the Rapture) produced by the first of next week; and another to soon follow on the reason for the coming time of tribulation. Another teaching on my heart is on the coming purge of Western Christianity.

Please know that I very much do appreciate your prayers for my health as well as for this work God has called me to. JESUS IS LORD!

Blessings to all who love our Christ;

Paul Benson

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7 thoughts on “Health Update”

  1. Hang in there my brother. We all worry when your videos don’t show up. God in Christ will heal you.


  2. Dear brother Paul,
    May the Lord heal your eye completely that you can continue serve Him in the full capacity.
    To Christ Jesus be all the glory!


  3. Our Father, you know Mr Benson’s physical and spiritual needs. We pray for him that he is strong and his testimony remains strong. Of course, we pray for speedy recovery and minimal pain. He is in Your hands Father. Add to him strength to endure and comfort through this journey.

    We praise You in all things, Father.

    In Jesus’ name.

    Sent from my iPhone



  4. Hi Paul, Thanks for letting us know what was causing your absence. Of course my prayers are with you and will be looking forward to your next entry. Eye stitches…Ouch!


  5. Praying for you Paul, for less pain and a quick recovery, and super abundant health and strength. Blessings to you and your family!


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