The True Biblical Timing Of The Rapture (video teaching)

Does the Bible give us any specific timing as to when the Rapture occurs in the end-time scenario? ABSOLUTELY!

The Pre-tribuation Rapture

Hi Folks;

Well, it’s taken a bit longer that I anticipated to get some wind back in my sails after my recent infirmities, but I am now ready to resume my efforts to speak forth that which the Lord leads. IN JESUS’ NAME!

I don’t remember ever having to battle so long to get a teaching out as I have had to with this one. It seems like every devil in Northwest Montana has been at work to hinder the posting of this!

It constantly amazes me the way so many act like all the false teachings afoot concerning the last-days are no big deal. Like somehow these falsehoods are not going to adversely affect anyone’s beliefs, behavior, their future, or their relationship with the Lord. WRONG – on all four counts! A proper understanding of the prophesies about the Return of Jesus and the surrounding events is vital. And an improper understanding could very well lead to great disillusionment; and possibly even a falling away from the true faith. And according to Revelation 22 taking away from the things detailed in that precious book can remove your name out of the Book of Life! If that sounds like mere hyperbole to you I have two words for you: WAKE UP!

As I stated in this video the reason Pre-trib preachers report the Scriptures don’t really give us any specifics as to the timing of the rapture (they teach you must come to a Pre-trib view through means of deductive reasoning) is because they have turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to what the Bible really does say on this issue. The delusion they are held captive by forces them to tune out anything contrary to that theory.

But actually reading and believing what the Bible really does come right out and say (rather than only seeing what you want to) shows a very real pattern of timing concerning the resurrection/catching-away in regard to the other end-time events!

I seriously doubt this teaching will have much impact on those firmly entrenched in Pre-tribulation/Dispensational theology. The delusion that come with it is strong enough to keep most from even questioning their beliefs. But to those who are hearing the Lord trouble their spirit with warnings of a ‘straying from the truth’, or to those who just need shored up in their understanding of the end-time events, I think the information in this video will prove to be quite valuable.

Blessings to all who love our Christ and the truth of his Word;

Paul Benson


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4 thoughts on “The True Biblical Timing Of The Rapture (video teaching)”

  1. Hello Paul, Thank you for all your hard work researching and for this teaching. I’ve always believed in a second coming however so much “Rapture” teaching raised questions. That said, never enough to convince me. Though who wouldn’t prefer that it be true? My question is, how do you explain Daniel 9:24-27? Thanks and God bless you and your work.


  2. This is a wonderful expose’ on the ‘rapture’. This term has been so corrupted, that I dislike using it at all. I substitute ‘the change’. I’ll be leaving a link , instead of endlessly typing in forums.
    Thank You!


  3. Hi Paul. its good to see you back. Your video teaching is correct. The misapplied “wrath” that the pre tribbers see as being delivered from with a rapture is in truth the day of the resurrection of the dead and eternal judgment…Heb 6v2, at the 2nd coming. The scriptures are clear on this as you have shown. Heres another text that clearly demonstrates this truth. John 5v25, John 6v40 and John 12v48. Keep up the good work Paul.


    1. Hi Patrick;
      Great to BE back! Yeah, for sure, a supposed pre-trib rapture event could never be considered a fulfillment of any prophetic words about a “last day’.
      But the day of the Second Coming will most certainly do so. It is without doubt the ‘last day’ of this age! Then we begin a new age in a new kingdom where righteousness is the order of the day rather than the sin and insanity that runs amok in these final years.

      Great to hear from you bro.;
      Paul Benson


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