Joel’s Army is “The Coming Storm”? by Tricia Tillin

Is what many popular preachers and prophets teaching about ‘Joel’s Army’ really in line with the truth of God’s Word?

I have received a lot of flack over the years for my insistence that ‘Joel’s Army’ is not Christians ‘taking over the world for Jesus’ but instead is referencing evil forces at work in the last days. They will accomplish God’s ultimate purposes with their oppressive deeds (he is sovereign after all); but the way many are presenting a false ‘Dominionism’ gospel, and twisting Scripture to do so, needs careful scrutiny by those who want a genuine biblical vision of the end-time scenario.

And I have also received much guff for pointing out the errors of a popular false prophet named Mark Taylor who was propelled to Celebrity status by a revamped false prophecy about the 2012 election. His Dominionist teachings are leading many away from a proper eschatological understanding and thereby setting them up for a bitter disappointment, and a possible faltering of their faith, in the coming days of great persecution.

You can find my article on that bogus ministry HERE.

I would like to highly recommend a write-up by Tricia  Tilllin which covers in detail both of these topics which are at the very heart of the current wave of deception plaguing the Charismatic community and thus adversely affecting the entire Body of Christ in our nation (and even globally).

You can find Tricia’s write-up here:

Joel’s Army is “The Coming Storm”?  By Tricia Tilllin

Blessings to all who love our Christ;

Paul Benson

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5 thoughts on “Joel’s Army is “The Coming Storm”? by Tricia Tillin”

  1. I finally got around to reading Tricia’s article and although I agree with much of what she wrote I think she may want to revise the following paragraph.
    In the Qanon fantasy world, Q promises that Clinton, Obama, Podesta, Abedin, and even McCain are either already arrested and wearing secret police-issued ankle monitors, or just about to be indicted; that the Steele dossier is a total fabrication personally paid for by Clinton and Obama; and that all of this will be coming to a head any day now, and “The Storm” — of arrests, political turmoil, and their own vindication — is coming.
    Much has changed since the time Tricia wrote the article and if anyone is watching the news, they will find some of what the paragraph alludes to is about to take place. The paragraph could have been taken right from the Democrat’s’ playbook. Especially the part about the dossier.
    There is more I could get into: Paula White for instance but when I think of the influence she may have on the President it gets my mind in knots. She needs to be escorted from the White House never to return. The word phony doesn’t even cover what I think about her. False teacher should be her first title.


  2. Do you work for TRUNEWS? I thought you did? This article is pointing fingers at them. Are you aware of that. Sure would hate to see you get fired?!

    Sent from my iPhone



    1. Hi Wilma;
      No, I am not that Paul Benson from Trunews! Actually I have corresponded with him when he contacted me with the suggestion I produce a podcast concerning the rapture controversy to be aired on their network. I declined as I believe Rick holds some unrighteous views and cannot any longer recommend his teachings.

      Although most of what Rick and the others do teach is sound, his antisemitic rants are a bit more than I can stomach. It is NOT the rich Jews who are bringing us nigh to a global beast system (as Rick suggests); it is the iniquity of man on ALL fronts giving place to the control of the spirit of lawlessness. It is the iniquity of man coming to a fullness.

      It did make me chuckle though to seemingly get an e-mail from myself! I almost didn’t even read it as I thought it was probably some kind of a scam.
      Blessings to you sister;
      Paul Benson


  3. Paul, never get discouraged. If “they” hate Jesus, they will hate you also. The covers will soon be removed and He will expose all the filth and rottenest that is in the CHURCH and sending souls to HELL. Jesus pulled me out of the Church and I have been sitting at His feet for over 10 years. He IS the TRUTH. Its gut wrenching to know people are so very gullible and too “busy” to pick up His Word and read it for themselves. Instead they think its the pastors responsibility to teach them and believe what he says. What will they do when the SHTF and their pastor is nowhere to be found. WAKE UP PEOPLE…we are in the END TIMES…things will NEVER be the same again until the Master returns AFTER THE TRIBULATION. You havent seen NOTHING YET !!!! Paul, God bless you


    1. Hi Sonya;
      Yes. you are correct. Things will never be the same. The coming chaos is beginning to manifest remarkably. We see it in Government, entertainment, school systems, and even in the court system. It will soon be evident in every aspect of our society outside of the sanctified Christian’s personal domain.
      The end result of rejecting God and embracing ultra-liberal views is a reprobate mind that is void of common sense and the ability to engage in critical reasoning. Those under such an influence impose a cultural decline upon society that no nation can tolerate and still retain any semblance of a well structured and stable society. The end result – CHAOS!
      Paul Benson


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