WAKE UP AMERICA! – Dumitru Duduman

Is the civil unrest now so evident in our nation a precursor to a greater danger?

Celebrity Christianity

Many times recently my thoughts have returned to brother Duduman’s prophetic message. When I first heard this (in 1999 I think) I was really puzzled at him saying that ‘groups from within our nation would wage war against our government’ and when we were busy ‘dealing with internal conflict’ we would be attacked. I thought: How could these socialist groups cause civil war in our nation?

At that time there was still such a stigma upon socialistic ideology that it was impossible for me to fathom how these groups could cause that kind of social upheaval in America. Boy have things changed in our culture! Now it is clear that the hedonism and liberalism allowed to go to seed in this nation has given place to an army of radical Socialists occupying positions of authority; and the political and cultural influence of these Socialists/Communists (along with the funding of anarchists by billionaire oligarchs) has brought upon us the very internal strife brother Duduman said would precede the invasion and overthrow of America!

Can I say that these things are imminent for our nation? No, I cannot. But this man of God had a proven track record of fulfilled prophecy and divine visitation that guided his life and ministry. If you have never read his book: ‘Through The Fire Without Burning’ it is a very edifying as well as challenging book!

I encourage you to give this testimonial and prophetic message by Dumitru Duduman a listen. If it does not stir you deeply then you may want to check your spiritual temperature!

Author: Paul Benson

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2 thoughts on “WAKE UP AMERICA! – Dumitru Duduman”

  1. Good to see your back. This video was hard to follow for me, even with hearing aids. I got most of it with help from my wife. His message was right on for America…repent and pray. I found a site that writes out his messages( prophecies and visions) from his books. (umb1.org)Holiness and repentance with obedience unto the Lord. The rapid change we see happening right now is a sign of the times. I believe Duduman is gifted as a prophet and his wake up call is from the Lord.


    1. I’m in the UK and what you are saying about socialist ideologies is also true for us. Our country is no longer recognisable and the vociferous voices and actions of the left have all but silenced the majority. So sad.


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