About me

Paul Benson author of The Rapture Theory

The Short Version

Paul Benson is a Spirit-filled servant of Jesus Christ from NW Montana. His teaching and exhorting focus on a standard of placing our beliefs in only what is plainly and clearly taught in the Bible; being wary of any doctrines not explicitly taught by Christ or the Apostles.

Saved from a life of immorality, drug abuse, and alcoholism he has a deep burden to see others get set free through the power of God’s grace.

He believes American Christianity is idolatrous, and the American Gospel to be a man-pleasing perversion of the true Gospel of Christ. Therefor he strongly encourages all to return to the Biblical pattern of following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ, and living by his teachings as brought to us through his Apostles and the Holy Scriptures.


The Long Version

I was born in Deerlodge Montana in 1956 to Robert and Virginia (Ginger) Benson. My father died when I just a toddler so I never knew him. Several years later my mother married Leland Brue who had three kids of his own. Together they had two more bringing the total to nine!

We then moved to Northwest Montana where I was raised and schooled. I fell into the drug and alcohol scene at a young age (15) and left home a year later. What followed was a pitiful life of self-destructive behavior filled with failed relationships, shattered dreams, and numerous stretches in jail and even a short (6 mo.) one in prison.

I married at 19 to my girlfriend Maxine (Mickey) Heil. We have two children Amy and Ryan who are less than a year apart in age. Sadly after only a couple of years my selfish and sinful lifestyle led to separation and a later divorce.

In 1980 at the age of 23 I encountered God at some ‘revival’ meetings at a local church in Helena. Having only been in a church once before (at the age of 10) a Pentecostal revival meeting was a bit overwhelming for me but the message the evangelist (Sam Luke) preached on the Cross of Christ cut me to shreds. Convinced of my desperate need for salvation I called upon the name of Jesus and was saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. I was baptized in Jesus name a few months later.

As a new believer I had an insatiable appetite for the Word of God reading and praying for hours each day. After many months of this intensive study I began to question what I was hearing preached and taught at the church I attended (Church of God). This brought much suspicion and even rebuke from Pastor and elders alike. But I just could not reconcile what I was hearing from them to what I was seeing in the Bible.

After a few years I decided I had enough of the COG and their Rapture frenzy and left their ranks. Without realizing it I took with me a legalistic religious spirit which had me bound up in hypocrisy and hardness of heart. Several years of spiritual dryness and being defeated by sin left me convinced I had failed God to the point I gave up trying and backslid, convinced that God had given up on me. I lived in this condition for a number of years, but in 1996 God began a work on my heart to restore me and teach me his grace in truth.
Through a season of deep personal dealings and great breaking the Lord brought a renewal upon me and an overcoming spirit I had never known before. Instead of struggling against sin I found myself resting in his strength and walking in victory. I had to learn the difference between religion and relationship the hard way, and I have a deep desire to help others avoid the pitfalls and hindrances I have known.

I am not a part of any denomination or organization, just a member of the Body of Christ desiring to labor together with Jesus and let him work through me in any fashion he desires.

I do not believe the truths of God should be turned into merchandise and sold for profit. Jesus said, “Freely you have received, freely give.”

The truths I live by are the simple clear teachings of the Word of God and not the doctrines, dogma, creeds, or crud of man. I am not Catholic nor Protestant. I am not a Calvinist nor an Arminian. I am not a denominationalist and most certainly not a dispensationalist. I am not a Trinitarian nor into Onenessism.

I am just a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ saved by grace, washed by his blood, filled with his Spirit, and have a commitment to learn and live by the true teaching of his Word which are plainly expressed to us through the pages of the Bible and written on our hearts by the Holy Ghost sent down from heaven.

I currently reside in N.W. Montana at the north end of the beautiful Flathead Lake.

If you would like to contact me please use the form below or write to:

Paul Benson, 1111 Somers Stage Road, Kalispell, MT.  59901