WAKE UP AMERICA! – Dumitru Duduman

Is the civil unrest now so evident in our nation a precursor to a greater danger?

Celebrity Christianity

Many times recently my thoughts have returned to brother Duduman’s prophetic message. When I first heard this (in 1999 I think) I was really puzzled at him saying that ‘groups from within our nation would wage war against our government’ and when we were busy ‘dealing with internal conflict’ we would be attacked. I thought: How could these socialist groups cause civil war in our nation?

At that time there was still such a stigma upon socialistic ideology that it was impossible for me to fathom how these groups could cause that kind of social upheaval in America. Boy have things changed in our culture! Now it is clear that the hedonism and liberalism allowed to go to seed in this nation has given place to an army of radical Socialists occupying positions of authority; and the political and cultural influence of these Socialists/Communists (along with the funding of anarchists by billionaire oligarchs) has brought upon us the very internal strife brother Duduman said would precede the invasion and overthrow of America!

Can I say that these things are imminent for our nation? No, I cannot. But this man of God had a proven track record of fulfilled prophecy and divine visitation that guided his life and ministry. If you have never read his book: ‘Through The Fire Without Burning’ it is a very edifying as well as challenging book!

I encourage you to give this testimonial and prophetic message by Dumitru Duduman a listen. If it does not stir you deeply then you may want to check your spiritual temperature!

Bill Randles – We have Entered the Time of the Strong Delusion!

Hi everyone;

I really enjoyed this interview Tony did with Bill Randles. Not sure exactly what his beliefs are on other topics, but when it comes to the promised end-time delusion I think he has certainly got it right!

We Have Entered The Time Of Strong Delusion! – Bill Randles

Let me know what you think one way or the other.

Blessings to all who love our Christ;

Paul Benson

A Question For My Readers: What Is The Purpose Of The Coming Time Of Tribulation?

What will the coming days of darkness accomplish as far as the purposes of God are concerned?

a mansion on a street of gold

by Paul Benson

I have been listening to the same tired rhetoric from the Dispensationalist/Pre-trib Rapture crowd since I came to Christ 40 years ago. Over and over we are told: God would have NO REASON to subject the Body of Christ to the chaos and horrific events that will unfold during the final years before the Return of Jesus to this planet. That such a thing would be not only a time of overmuch grief for the Church, but would also actually be (in their minds) a breach of promise on the part of God.

While I have addressed at length the issue of whether or not the coming period of tribulation is the Wrath of God being poured out upon this world (it is NOT!), it is increasing evident to me that there is a lack of teaching (even among those who reject the pre-trib theory) on just what WILL be accomplished by the world (Church included) being subjected to the events and hardships of that day.

As I study and pray through on this matter, and prepare to share my conclusions, I thought I might question my readers as to their thoughts on the issue. Do YOU believe the Church will go through that time of great tribulation; and if so: What do you see as God’s purpose in bringing these dark days upon not only the world in general but also upon the Church in particular?

What will this all accomplish?

If you have thoughts you would like to share you can post a comment below or e-mail me if you prefer through the contact page. I look forward to the feedback; and also would greatly appreciate your prayers as I seek to move beyond the hindrances (spiritual as well as physical) of the health issues that have plagued me in recent times and seek to find a renewed vision of God’s current Word to his people.

I seriously believe that very few of those who are claiming to spokespersons for the Lord in this day are truly in sync with either the heart of God or the truth of his Word.; and MUCH of what is being prophesied about the coming days is contrary to the truth. GOD HELP US!

Blessings upon all who love our Christ;

Paul Benson

Joel’s Army is “The Coming Storm”? by Tricia Tillin

Is what many popular preachers and prophets teaching about ‘Joel’s Army’ really in line with the truth of God’s Word?

I have received a lot of flack over the years for my insistence that ‘Joel’s Army’ is not Christians ‘taking over the world for Jesus’ but instead is referencing evil forces at work in the last days. They will accomplish God’s ultimate purposes with their oppressive deeds (he is sovereign after all); but the way many are presenting a false ‘Dominionism’ gospel, and twisting Scripture to do so, needs careful scrutiny by those who want a genuine biblical vision of the end-time scenario.

And I have also received much guff for pointing out the errors of a popular false prophet named Mark Taylor who was propelled to Celebrity status by a revamped false prophecy about the 2012 election. His Dominionist teachings are leading many away from a proper eschatological understanding and thereby setting them up for a bitter disappointment, and a possible faltering of their faith, in the coming days of great persecution.

You can find my article on that bogus ministry HERE.

I would like to highly recommend a write-up by Tricia  Tilllin which covers in detail both of these topics which are at the very heart of the current wave of deception plaguing the Charismatic community and thus adversely affecting the entire Body of Christ in our nation (and even globally).

You can find Tricia’s write-up here:

Joel’s Army is “The Coming Storm”?  By Tricia Tilllin

Blessings to all who love our Christ;

Paul Benson

Will Antichrist’s Dominion (And The Mark Of The Beast) Be Confined To The Middle East Or Be A Global Phenomenon?

Is there any truth to the claims many are making that the Mark of the Beast, and the great persecution of God’s elect in that day, will be confined to the Middle East?

the mark of the beast
        The World-Wide Beast System!

by Paul Benson

Once in a while (and more frequently lately) I either read an article or receive a comment to my site that promotes the notion that the Mark of the Beast and the dominion of Antichrist (and the resulting ‘tribulating’ of the followers of Jesus via Satan’s ‘war on the Saints’) will be merely a regional subjugation versus a global one. Many are teaching this all will be confined to the Arab nations of the Middle East and the rest of the world will not fall prey to Antichrist’s evil reign. But is this what the Scriptures teach us?
Continue reading “Will Antichrist’s Dominion (And The Mark Of The Beast) Be Confined To The Middle East Or Be A Global Phenomenon?”

Why I am NOT on the Trump Train!

Is America guaranteed a continued ‘return to greatness’ as long as Donald Trump is at the helm? Or could the ‘Trump Train’ possibly run out of tracks?

the trump train
                            Destination Unknown!

I receive a lot of correspondence (personal as well as through my web-site and Blog-page) that tells me the American Church in general is terribly lacking in a proper understanding of God’s sovereignty over the government of this nation. They seem to think Donald Trump himself is responsible for the ‘reprieve’ we have been granted from the tsunami of liberal madness that seeks to flood our nation today (and the eventual consequences of the culturally-damaging decisions that madness fosters). Continue reading “Why I am NOT on the Trump Train!”

The True Biblical Timing Of The Rapture (video teaching)

Does the Bible give us any specific timing as to when the Rapture occurs in the end-time scenario? ABSOLUTELY!

The Pre-tribuation Rapture

Hi Folks;

Well, it’s taken a bit longer that I anticipated to get some wind back in my sails after my recent infirmities, but I am now ready to resume my efforts to speak forth that which the Lord leads. IN JESUS’ NAME!

I don’t remember ever having to battle so long to get a teaching out as I have had to with this one. It seems like every devil in Northwest Montana has been at work to hinder the posting of this!

It constantly amazes me the way so many act like all the false teachings afoot concerning the last-days are no big deal. Like somehow these falsehoods are not going to adversely affect anyone’s beliefs, behavior, their future, or their relationship with the Lord. WRONG – on all four counts! A proper understanding of the prophesies about the Return of Jesus and the surrounding events is vital. And an improper understanding could very well lead to great disillusionment; and possibly even a falling away from the true faith. And according to Revelation 22 taking away from the things detailed in that precious book can remove your name out of the Book of Life! If that sounds like mere hyperbole to you I have two words for you: WAKE UP!

As I stated in this video the reason Pre-trib preachers report the Scriptures don’t really give us any specifics as to the timing of the rapture (they teach you must come to a Pre-trib view through means of deductive reasoning) is because they have turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to what the Bible really does say on this issue. The delusion they are held captive by forces them to tune out anything contrary to that theory.

But actually reading and believing what the Bible really does come right out and say (rather than only seeing what you want to) shows a very real pattern of timing concerning the resurrection/catching-away in regard to the other end-time events!

I seriously doubt this teaching will have much impact on those firmly entrenched in Pre-tribulation/Dispensational theology. The delusion that come with it is strong enough to keep most from even questioning their beliefs. But to those who are hearing the Lord trouble their spirit with warnings of a ‘straying from the truth’, or to those who just need shored up in their understanding of the end-time events, I think the information in this video will prove to be quite valuable.

Blessings to all who love our Christ and the truth of his Word;

Paul Benson


Health Update

Hi All!

Just wanted to take a moment and apologize for the lack of activity on the site recently. Turned out the weird eye issues I was experiencing (that seemed like horrible allergies and such) was actually very high inner eye pressure; and the fix was a procedure called an Almed Glaucoma Valve insertion which left me with a row of stitches across the top of my right eye.

Now the pressure has returned to normal; but as you can imagine (think 20 wood chips or stray eye-lashes in your eye all at once. YES THAT BAD!) eye-stitches and compute monitors don’t go very well together. But recent days have seen some relief compared to the first week or so; and the sensitivity to light is not quite so bad.

I do have another video teaching about ready to go and hope to have it (The True Biblical Timing of the Rapture) produced by the first of next week; and another to soon follow on the reason for the coming time of tribulation. Another teaching on my heart is on the coming purge of Western Christianity.

Please know that I very much do appreciate your prayers for my health as well as for this work God has called me to. JESUS IS LORD!

Blessings to all who love our Christ;

Paul Benson

Who Are The Armies Of Heaven With Jesus In Revelation 19:14? (Paul Benson video)

Where in the world did anyone ever get the idea Rev. 19:14 was evidence of a pre-trib rapture?

The armies of heaven

Hello everyone;

I know it’s been a few weeks since my last post; but I have been severely hindered with some serious health and other personal problems that have prevented my efforts.

I don’t normally whine too much on this blog about my personal struggles (nobody likes a whiner!); but just let me say that between blood sugar issues, eye problems (diabetic retinopathy and inner eye bleeding), an insane allergy attack out of nowhere that lasted three weeks (and was so bad I was wearing sun glasses inside!), and on top of it all computer problems I was unable to deal with because my eyes hurt too bad to look at a monitor for any length of time – the last month or so has been a bit excruciating!

Thankfully experience has taught me to view rough times like these as a time of perfecting (God knows how to work ALL things for our good); and I can happily report that I am feeling like I just had a Holy Ghost tune-up! And, by the grace of God and the prayers of others, I have prevailed and have another video ready to post.

Any comments or criticism is always welcome. And I would greatly appreciate your continued prayers for me. I DO believe that it makes a difference! So thank you all.

Blessings to all who love our Christ;

Paul Benson