Escape From Churchianity: Leaving Behind The Building Of Pyramids

A lot of people seriously worry if they are in the right fellowship (or organization) or not. I’d like to share some insight God has given me in answer to that Question. Insight which helps me distinguish between a true or counterfeit expression of the Christian Church.

The true Church of God


by Paul Benson

…ye also are builded together for an habitation of God through the Spirit. -Paul an Apostle of Christ

God desires a habitation! And when all is said and done the labors of the Body of Christ that have been according to the will of God will have built a glorious habitation for God. A living Temple for him to dwell in for all eternity! A lot of people are expecting to live in New Jerusalem. I am expecting to be New Jerusalem!

But the labors of God’s people which have been only according to the will of man will have accomplished little more than the building of religious structures sadly resembling the lifeless pyramids of Egypt. And as believers we need to take a real serious look at our lives (and our efforts) and ask: ‘Am I truly building a temple for God, or merely slaving away on a religious pyramid?’ If you don’t quite get what I mean by building a pyramid read on and you will. Continue reading “Escape From Churchianity: Leaving Behind The Building Of Pyramids”

Victorious Christianity – Partaking of the Divine Nature!

In this age of apostasy and great deception it is crucial we have a proper understanding of God’s true grace, and the victory it brings.

Victory in esus

by Paul Benson

Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises: that by these ye might be partakers of the divine nature…  -Peter an apostle of Christ 

As a teacher to the Body of Christ one of the deepest burdens upon my heart is the fact many believers today do not possess an understanding of God’s grace that actually brings them victory over the power of sin. Instead of preaching grace as an inner strength (which empowers us to conquer the lusts of the flesh and the temptations of this life), most are presenting powerless and unbiblical notions about God’s grace which make excuses for sinful behavior rather than putting it to death. We truly have a great need to get back to a Biblical concept of grace!

But we need more than just a proper definition of the true grace of God. We need an understanding of how the vital keys of victory true grace brings are obtained by the believer, and then how to actually put them to work. Only then can we avail ourselves of the full benefit God’s grace offers. Let’s look at that. Continue reading “Victorious Christianity – Partaking of the Divine Nature!”

Stolen Snippets – Unmasking The Deception Of The Pre-trib Theory

The true doctrines of the Christian faith are derived from truths expressly stated in the Word of God. False doctrines are built upon snippets of verse pulled out of context, and convincing claims that lack genuine support. Let’s learn to discern the difference!

Deception in the CHurch
When Lies Look Like Truth

by Paul Benson

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. -Jesus Christ

Jesus taught us that the knowledge of the truth will set us free. Truth brings liberty! But equally true is the fact that falsehoods bring just the opposite. Lies bring bondage. And, sadly, some people are more comfortable with bondage than they are with liberty!

It is amazing the hold false doctrine can have upon people. We know that an unborn child is attached to the mother by an ‘umbilical cord’, and is fed by that cord. I think there is something similar that goes on with deception. People hold on to wayward beliefs like their very life depends upon it. Maybe we should call that an ‘unbiblical cord’? Continue reading “Stolen Snippets – Unmasking The Deception Of The Pre-trib Theory”

Understanding Islam: Beware The Jack-Muslim!

I am not an expert on Islam (or even my own Christian faith for that matter). But I do have some insight into an aspect of the grave danger we, as Americans, currently face; and I feel this insight will help others to better understand that very present danger.

The Jack-Muslim!


(I have a leading to republish this post. This is an understanding every Christian needs to grasp! I hope you ‘get’ it. -P.B.)

by Paul Benson

Over the recent months I have developed an understanding I think is crucial in discerning the true danger which the Islamic religion presents here in America. A proper grasp of the nature of this danger is not held by those of our citizens in favor of filling our nation with an influx of those who embrace that religious mindset; and definitely not understood by those who are insistent that all Muslims are totally evil, and should be eradicated by any means necessary.

The understanding I am referring to does not center so much on the radical nature of certain passages of the Koran (and there definitely are many), but more along the lines of how salvation is attained according to the teachings of Islam compared to the teachings of God’s TRUE Prophet, the Lord Jesus Christ. I firmly believe many of the horrible terrorist attacks we have been seeing in America are the outworking of a tortured mind full of extreme guilt and anxiety; caused more by a failure to live by the moral standards of the Muslim faith, than merely by the radical teachings of the Koran itself. That may sound a little strange at first, especially coming from a Christian, but please let me explain. Continue reading “Understanding Islam: Beware The Jack-Muslim!”

Why Did The ‘Resurrection Of The Just’ Need A New Name: ‘The Rapture’?

For nearly two thousand years the event that brings us the fullness of our salvation was referred to as ‘The Resurrection of the Just’ or ‘The Resurrection at the Last Day’. WHY was there a necessity to invent a new name: ‘The Rapture’? Have you ever thought about that?

The Pre-tribulaation Raapture Theory
A STAR IS BORN! (but who hatched this bird; and more importantly – WHY?

by Paul Benson

For we have not followed cunningly devised fables, when we made known unto you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.   -Peter an apostle of Christ

Did anyone really need to rename our promise of the Resurrection? Do we need a new name for salvation? For healing? For the Cross? No, those names have been working just fine! How about for Heaven? No, Heaven doesn’t need a new name either. But, for the sake of discussion, let’s say I came up with a new doctrine that is a little different that what has been commonly believed about Heaven. And what if I said getting there is a little easier than what we’ve been taught? Just how would I go about promoting my new revelation? How could I get people to take the bait and swallow the hook?

I couldn’t call it Heaven. Folks might look into what the Bible really teaches on Heaven, and the path that leads there, and call me on it. I’d need a way to get them to turn loose of long held beliefs, and embrace my theory instead. I would need some real catchy phraseology, and have to concoct some very subtle distractions. Continue reading “Why Did The ‘Resurrection Of The Just’ Need A New Name: ‘The Rapture’?”

To What Extent Should Christians Be ‘Torah Observant’?

Should Christians be Torah Ovberant

by Paul Benson

Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind.  -Paul an apostle of Christ

In seeking a deeper understanding of the Hebrew roots of our Christian faith I have been bombarded with suggestions, and even demands, that I become what is termed ‘Torah Observant’. But is this truly a concept God wants us to embrace, or is it a subtle entrapment of the enemy; a snare to deceive us, and lure us away from New Covenant Christianity? Or, on the other hand, will totally rejecting this notion hinder our walk, and possibly rob us of the grace of God? In seeking the LORD over this issue I believe I have come to an understanding that presents a proper balance of truth.

The truth of God’s will for Gentile Christians concerning being either Torah observant or completely rejecting it is found in walking a path between the two extremes. If I were to place a label upon that truth I would call it ‘Torah Instructed’ versus either ‘Torah Observant’ or ‘Torah Rejecting’. I see ‘Torah Instructed’ as the real ‘highway of truth’, and either of the other extremes as opposing ditches; each presenting a danger of sorts to the follower of Christ. Let’s take a good look at both of those ditches, in light of God’s Word, and see if we can maintain our course along that highway of truth. Continue reading “To What Extent Should Christians Be ‘Torah Observant’?”

Cotton Candy Prophets and the Road To Rome

What direction are we being steered in by those who claim to be at the forefront of what God is doing in this generation? Do we actually know where our mentors are headed; or for that matter even really care? Well, we should!

The flase prophets of the N.A.R. Kindom Now crowd.

by Paul Benson

When leadership goes astray one is faced with two choices. Either continue to follow that leadership and end up at whatever destination it does; or divorce yourself from it, and seek the proper path through other means. Prayerful informed choices will always trump those make in haste or ignorance.

Quite alarming to me is the realization most Christians of this generation have absolutely no idea what their favorite celebrity preacher or prophet really believes as doctrine, or what they perceive to be the divinely mandated role of the Body of Christ in the end-time scenario ahead of us. I think we need to ask ourselves just where are these supposed leaders of today’s Christian community actually leading us to; and more importantly: is that where God wants us to go? Continue reading “Cotton Candy Prophets and the Road To Rome”