Hell Has No Exits! Leonard Ravenhill

Who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come? John the Baptist

Recently I posted an article by Ufuomaee on what the Bible has to say on the subject of Hell and eternal punishment. I had just started an article of my own, but when I came across that one I felt led to post it instead. If you have not read it you should. You can find it HERE.

The Lord is once again stirring my heart on this matter of eternal punishment; but I don’t feel I have the complete word as of yet. Sometimes a word will burn in my heart for quite some time; and only an extended amount of prayer will bring it forth. I really feel a need to ‘get this one right’ and bring forth the heart of God! Please pray the Father would give me a concise word for the people of God, and to the lost.

The reality of an eternal Hell of misery and torment is one of the least preached on topics today; but the Lord Jesus himself thought the subject was of such importance he actually spoke on it twice as much as he did the promise of salvation! Some persist in saying this is a mistaken claim, but I know this is fact because I took the time to search out and add up all the references myself.

In the Scriptures we clearly see Jesus placed a very strong emphasis on the danger of damnation in his ministering, We see little evidence of such emphasis in modern preaching. We are hearing more and more preaching filled with the heresies of ‘annihilation’ or ‘ultimate reconciliation’ from today’s pulpits. Why is this? Continue reading “Hell Has No Exits! Leonard Ravenhill”

Should Christians Tithe? What Does The Bible REALLY Teach On Giving Under The New Covenant?

As Christians we are constantly bombarded with exhortation on handling money, and its proper distribution. But how much of this ‘Bible based’ teaching is truly based on the Bible?

Should Christians tithe?

by Paul Benson

…it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful. -Paul an apostle of Christ

Faithfulness to the will of God should be paramount to each and every follower of Christ. And our desire to conform to the standards of God prompts us to look to those who expound upon his Holy Word for instruction in proper conduct.

There is much (and quite possibly overmuch) teaching on giving in the Christian community today. And of course we do see a great deal of teaching in the Scriptures on this subject. But I must confess I see a glaring disconnect between what the Bible says about giving, and what many are teaching us it says! Why is this so? Continue reading “Should Christians Tithe? What Does The Bible REALLY Teach On Giving Under The New Covenant?”

Leaving Behind The Cross of Christ – The Folly Of ‘Modern’ Christian Ministry!

The more I examine what is preached as Gospel today; the better the ‘old paths’ are looking to me!


by Paul Benson

Therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ, let us go on unto perfection… Hebrews 6:1

I once had a brother (let’s call him Brother B.) from the progressive Charismatic ‘signs and wonders’ crowd tell me I needed to get beyond the message of the Cross, and all my repentance preaching. He (as others also have) suggested I, as a saved believer, need to leave the Cross behind, travel past the Resurrection, past the Ascension, past Pentecost and the Upper Room, and move into what God is doing in this day and speaking to this generation. (He did supply a caveat of how wonderful and necessary the Cross was; but that I was hindered in my walk, and my ministry, by my insistence on ‘camping’ there.)

What point he was getting at was not lost on me. There is more to the message of God’s Kingdom than only what took place upon the Cross. We do need to embrace the Resurrection (and the promise it brings of our own resurrection) as well as the out-pouring of the Holy Spirit as detailed in Acts 2. We very much ARE called to go on to perfection.

I understand all of that!

And actually a recent article of mine was on the mistake of ‘camping out’ on a plateau of understanding, and not seeking a progressive revelation of the mystery of our faith. But, you see, I just have a bit of a problem with the notion of leaving the Cross behind to move forward. There is just something about those words that doesn’t set very well with me. And if you will permit me I will show you why I feel that my hesitation is totally justified. Continue reading “Leaving Behind The Cross of Christ – The Folly Of ‘Modern’ Christian Ministry!”

The Truth About Israel – John Little

Just how ‘on-the-mark’ is your understanding of the importance of Jerusalem in the end-time prophetic picture? If you are like me you could probably use a little exhorting in this area!


As a Pentecostal Bible believing Christian living in America I have been a little slow to recognize certain aspects of my understanding about Israel in general, and Jerusalem in particular, which have been skewed by misunderstandings fed to me by mainstream Christianity.

Through prayer and study I have been gaining ground in this area in recent years; and one of the avenues God has been using is the work of John Little (Omegashock.com). His latest article is an excellent array of facts and media sources that cut through the bat-scat of modern opinion and wayward theory to present a honest and balanced perspective from someone who knows the scoop. I would really recommend giving this piece some attention. You can read that write-up at this link:


Blessings to all who love our Christ;

Paul Benson



A False Witness Shall Not Be Unpunished! (Prov. 19:5) – Could Popular Christian Beliefs Actually Have Your Soul In Danger?

In this age of ‘have-it-your-way’ Christian faith just how dangerous is it to be embracing teachings which are out of sync with the true teachings of the Bible?


false witness

by Paul Benson

Behold, thou desirest truth in the inward parts: and in the hidden part thou shalt make me to know wisdom. -David, King of Israel

As Christian believers we certainly like to think we are doing a good job walking in the light; and that the words we speak are according to the truth. But we are all human and we ALL make mistakes. Not one of us (especially me) has all areas of theology figured out in a perfect understanding. Nor do we even have the ability to express what truth we have assimilated in a perfect manner!

But, by the Word of God, we know that God demands his people be a people with a high regard for the truth; and that there is a divine line of demarcation somewhere, decided by God himself, that labels one person a speaker of the truth and another as an evil deceiver. On one side of that line a blessed individual destined for reward; and on the other side, one who is condemned and destined for punishment.

This is not a frivolous matter! Considering the title to this article is a quote from the Scriptures it might be a good idea to make sure we are on the right side of that dividing line! But just where has God drawn that line? And more importantly how can we know for sure which side of that line we are on? Continue reading “A False Witness Shall Not Be Unpunished! (Prov. 19:5) – Could Popular Christian Beliefs Actually Have Your Soul In Danger?”

Escape From Churchianity: Leaving Behind The Building Of Pyramids

A lot of people seriously worry if they are in the right fellowship (or organization) or not. I’d like to share some insight God has given me in answer to that Question. Insight which helps me distinguish between a true or counterfeit expression of the Christian Church.

The true Church of God


by Paul Benson

…ye also are builded together for an habitation of God through the Spirit. -Paul an Apostle of Christ

God desires a habitation! And when all is said and done the labors of the Body of Christ that have been according to the will of God will have built a glorious habitation for God. A living Temple for him to dwell in for all eternity! A lot of people are expecting to live in New Jerusalem. I am expecting to be New Jerusalem!

But the labors of God’s people which have been only according to the will of man will have accomplished little more than the building of religious structures sadly resembling the lifeless pyramids of Egypt. And as believers we need to take a real serious look at our lives (and our efforts) and ask: ‘Am I truly building a temple for God, or merely slaving away on a religious pyramid?’ If you don’t quite get what I mean by building a pyramid read on and you will. Continue reading “Escape From Churchianity: Leaving Behind The Building Of Pyramids”

Contending For The Faith Once Delivered To The Saints

What does that expression really mean? Could we truly walk in the very same faith they had? I say let’s go for it!

The aith once delivered to the Saints

by Paul Benson

Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints. Jude 1:3

Even in his day Jude could see a tendency among the believers to drift away from the foundational truths, as well as the practical example, set forth by the Apostles of our Lord. And he exhorted them to fight their way back to that standard of faith!

The words of our brother Jude speak the same message to us today as they did the day they were penned. But is the Church today giving heed to that godly advice, and contending for a true biblical expression of Christianity and its associated practices? It sure doesn’t look like it to me. It seems to me most of modern Christianity is heading in the opposite direction! But do we have to follow suit? Continue reading “Contending For The Faith Once Delivered To The Saints”

Preach The TRUE Gospel – Stick A Fork In A Sinner!

I have an opinion on evangelism that is somewhat out of sync with modern preaching. I believe the best way to lead a sinner to salvation is for someone to stick a fork in them!

A fork in the road

by Paul Benson

Although most major evangelistic ministries boast large numbers of ‘converts’, statistics show the actual number of those who ‘make a decision for Christ’ through their crusades that are found to be truly serving God at a later date is frighteningly small. Why has modern evangelism become so seemingly ineffective and unfruitful? And, more importantly, is there a cure for this? I believe there absolutely is! Continue reading “Preach The TRUE Gospel – Stick A Fork In A Sinner!”

The Way Of The Cross

Do we really understand what it means to be ‘followers’ of Jesus?

the footsteps of Christ

by Paul Benson

For even hereunto were ye called: because Christ also suffered for us, leaving us an example, that ye should follow his steps: 1Peter 2:21

In this modern age, when apostasy is so increasingly evident among what calls itself the ‘Christian Church’, I think it wise we would each ask ourselves some pertinent questions: Am I myself truly following in the footsteps of Christ? Am I walking out my life of faith in God in a manner that jives with the true teachings of Jesus and his Apostles? Or am I merely following a pathway of delusion proscribed for me by the mindset of a backslid Christian religion; a path filled with excuses for my every sin, neglect, and compromise? Continue reading “The Way Of The Cross”

Understanding Islam: Beware The Jack-Muslim!

I am not an expert on Islam (or even my own Christian faith for that matter). But I do have some insight into an aspect of the grave danger we, as Americans, currently face; and I feel this insight will help others to better understand that very present danger.

The Jack-Muslim!


(I have a leading to republish this post. This is an understanding every Christian needs to grasp! I hope you ‘get’ it. -P.B.)

by Paul Benson

Over the recent months I have developed an understanding I think is crucial in discerning the true danger which the Islamic religion presents here in America. A proper grasp of the nature of this danger is not held by those of our citizens in favor of filling our nation with an influx of those who embrace that religious mindset; and definitely not understood by those who are insistent that all Muslims are totally evil, and should be eradicated by any means necessary.

The understanding I am referring to does not center so much on the radical nature of certain passages of the Koran (and there definitely are many), but more along the lines of how salvation is attained according to the teachings of Islam compared to the teachings of God’s TRUE Prophet, the Lord Jesus Christ. I firmly believe many of the horrible terrorist attacks we have been seeing in America are the outworking of a tortured mind full of extreme guilt and anxiety; caused more by a failure to live by the moral standards of the Muslim faith, than merely by the radical teachings of the Koran itself. That may sound a little strange at first, especially coming from a Christian, but please let me explain. Continue reading “Understanding Islam: Beware The Jack-Muslim!”