Discerning Deceivers: 12 Biblical Keys To Recognizing False Prophets and Teachers

Do you ever wish you had a greater ability to know which ministries to trust, and which ones you should avoid? Maybe this will help.

by Paul Benson

Take heed that no man deceive you. For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.  -Jesus Christ

These words of Jesus are not a warning of people claiming to be the Christ as some suppose, but of those who will come in Jesus name, declaring Jesus to be Christ, but preaching deception. Just because someone opens a Bible and says, ‘Jesus is LORD!’ does not mean what they say came from God.

The warnings of false Prophets and false Teachers among us occupy a sizable chunk of the Scriptures. We are given not only stern and frequent warning about these beguilers; but also many clues to recognize their attributes and tactics, as well as the fruits that follow them. The inability to distinguish between correct ministry and deception is directly related to a lack of familiarity with the teachings of God’s Word. Let’s take a fresh look at some key points the Bible gives on recognizing false workers. Continue reading “Discerning Deceivers: 12 Biblical Keys To Recognizing False Prophets and Teachers”

Does God Ever Get Angry? Are We Expressing A Balanced View Of God’s Love?

In this age of great deception, more than ever the world needs to hear the Love of God preached in a manner that is in accord with the Scriptures. But are they?

A balance of God's Love
A Balance Of Truth

by Paul Benson

The Love Of God

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. 17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. John 3:16-17

The most important revelation you will ever get in life is that God really does love you, and wants to be in perfect communion with you. Matching that level of importance, or at least running a close second, is the understanding that all who reject his love will face his eternal wrath.

Until we come to this realization we cannot properly appraise the purpose (or value) of life. No matter how successful a person is, or well known and respected, without a proper understanding of the love of God for mankind we will never know but a meager fraction of life’s potential. Considering the fact our interaction with, and response to, this divine outreach is a matter of eternal life or eternal death; it might behoove us to make sure we have an understanding of God’s love which is in accord with the Scriptures. Continue reading “Does God Ever Get Angry? Are We Expressing A Balanced View Of God’s Love?”


Why does so little preaching today focus on the Blood of Jesus? Have we lost touch with the message that truly saves?

The Blood of Jesus

by Paul Benson

For the life of the flesh is in the blood: and I have given it to you upon the altar to make an atonement for your souls: for it is the blood that maketh an atonement for the soul. Leviticus 17:11

The message that brought salvation to me was a sermon on the Blood of Jesus Christ. In 1980 a 23 year old lust-filled, alcoholic, drug-abusing criminal sat in an old fashioned revival meeting and received the good seed of the true Gospel. I cannot express to you how totally strange (2nd time in Church in my entire life), but yet so very wonderful, that experience was to me. The sermon was a lively message on the power of the blood of Jesus to bring salvation and the forgiveness of sin.

The sweat drenched preacher, with his wife loudly augmenting his every sentence with some hot licks on an old Hammond B3 organ, was like nothing I had ever seen before. The boisterous preaching of Sam Luke the evangelist, in the fiery old-time Pentecostal style, seemed to my mind like the words of a certified lunatic. He was preaching that the red blood of Jesus could take my scarlet sins and black heart, and wash them clean and make them white as snow. Although my mind was telling me I seriously needed to get out of there, something had a hold of my heart; and I sat there transfixed, hanging on his every word. Continue reading “THE LIFE IS IN THE BLOOD!”

The Harness Of The Lord

A vision given to Bill Britton of God’s dealings with, and care for, those whom he chooses for service.

by Bill Britton

(When I first read this vision as a new believer in the early eighties I flat out rejected it. I remember remarking, “God does NOT treat us like livestock and pen us in and break our spirits!” Boy did I have an education coming! Now I see this writing of Brother Britton as one of the most beautiful and accurate allegorical visions ever written. I treasure these words. Paul Benson)


On a dirt road in the middle of a wide field stood a beautiful carriage, something on the order of a stagecoach but all edged in gold and with beautiful carvings. It was pulled by six large chestnut horses: two in the lead, two in the middle and two in the rear. But they were not moving, they were not pulling the carriage, and I wondered why. Then I saw the driver underneath the carriage on the ground on his back just behind the last two horses’ heels working on something between the front wheels on the carriage. I thought, “My, he is in a dangerous place; for if one of those horses kicked or stepped back, they could kill him, or if they decided to go forward, or got frightened somehow, they would pull the carriage right over him.” But he didn’t seem afraid for he knew that those horses were disciplined and would not move till he told them to move. The horses were not stamping their feet nor acting restless, and though there were bells on their feet, the bells were not tinkling. There were pom-poms on their harness over their heads but the pom-poms were not moving. They were simply standing still and quiet waiting for the voice of the Master. Continue reading “The Harness Of The Lord”

Finding Victory Over Sin

How to find the strength to overcome sin in your life.

victory over din
image credit seantrack.com

by Paul Benson

But the wicked are like the troubled sea, when it cannot rest, whose waters cast up mire and dirt. 21 There is no peace, saith my God, to the wicked.  Isaiah 57:20-21

Overcoming Sin

As followers of Jesus we need to know we can find victory over sin! Many preachers and teachers today are doing great harm to the Body of Christ. They fail to lift up a standard of holiness and do not teach people how to live right by the power of the Holy Spirit. Their ‘modern’ gospel mistakenly presents the fruit of holiness in the life of a believer as an option, though it certainly is not. Paul wrote of: “holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord.” (Hebrews 12:14). Those who learn to walk in victory over sin know a peace and a joy those under the condemnation of sin can never know. Continue reading “Finding Victory Over Sin”

Three Quarters Of The Way Saved

The testimony of a friend who believes in Jesus but is only three-quaters of the way saved.

The Seasons of Life


by Paul Benson

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: 2 A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up… Ecc 3:1-2

The Seasons Of Life

One of the things I like most about the Scriptures is they show us that many of the different aspects of earthly life are given to teach us about heavenly things. The relationship between a husband and his wife, as well as those with mother, father, sisters and brothers, all in one form or another speak of the way God desires to relate to mankind. In the same fashion, the many seasons of life – spring, summer, fall, and winter – infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and old-age also speak to us of the different seasons in God’s dealings with us. Continue reading “Three Quarters Of The Way Saved”

A Dream-Vision Where I Met Jesus!

A very realistic dream I had about dying and meeting Jesus. Has stayed in my mind for many years.


by Paul Benson

A Dream That Was Not JUST A Dream

I would like to share with you a dream that I had many years ago. It was so real that to this very day I could not say for sure that it was only a dream. Have you ever had a dream so realistic that you could remember all the details, even the emotions of it, years later? That’s how this experience has stayed with me; like the memory of an important day or event, that returns to your mind from time to time. Continue reading “A Dream-Vision Where I Met Jesus!”