The Rapture Is NOT ‘The Mystery God Revealed To Paul’!

Have you been told a pre-tribulation ‘rapture’ is the ‘mystery of God’ which was revealed to the Apostle Paul? That is NOT how the Bible portrays the mystery Paul preached!

The mystery of the ages
Have YOU unlocked ‘the Mystery’?


by Paul Benson

(NOTE: I felt led of the Lord of rework this article a bit and republish it at this time. Why not share it with your pre-trib believing friends or family? It may be the eye-opener they need to start questioning the correctness of their beliefs! -P.B.)

And to make all men see what is the fellowship of the mystery, which from the beginning of the world hath been hid in God, who created all things by Jesus Christ: Ephesians 3:9

The Apostle said that as followers of Christ we are joined together in the fellowship (partnership) of a great mystery. Many folks seem to be confused as to just what that mystery is; and the devil is most assuredly at work to obfuscate the beautiful reality of it. He is constantly at work to lead us away from it with deceptions and distractions.

But it is the will of the Father that this mystery be revealed to those that love him. And through the enlightenment of his Word and his Spirit that wonderful treasure chest of mystery is opened; and the precious contents can now become our possession! Let’s look at what the Bible really teaches about that mystery hidden in God since the creation of the world.

It is getting more and more common to hear preachers and teachers refer to the concept of a pre-tribulation rapture as ‘the mystery of God revealed to Paul’. We are led to believe that this concept has somehow been hidden away from the world (and apparently from the Church for 1800 years) but is right there in the Word of God as plain as day for all to see. And that we need only a little guiding (and a proper understanding of God’s plan) to see it for ourselves. But should we take the bait and swallow that hook, or swim right around that notion? Could a catching away of the Church before the time of great tribulation possibly be the great mystery of God revealed to Paul? Continue reading “The Rapture Is NOT ‘The Mystery God Revealed To Paul’!”

The Crumbling Pillars: Proving The Pre-Trib Rapture Theory Is False!

Examining the three pillars of the pre-trib theory. Do they really have the witness of the Word of God? You decide!

The pre-tribulation rapture doctrine


by Paul Benson

A while back a brother contacted me with an accusation I was misleading the Church with *my teachings on the Return of Christ; and he put forth an invitation to debate the matter. He asked me to submit my best arguments against the pre-trib doctrine. So I did.

*(My teachings on the Return of Christ center around an exhortation to search out and embrace what is clearly and plainly stated in the Scriptures on the subject; and to be very wary of presupposed and unsupported claims that have no foundation in the Word. Gee Whiz folks, sorry for misleading you with such rotten advice!)

Sadly, it turned out this brother was not open to pray over and consider what was presented him; and flatly refused to acknowledge any discrepancies between what he was saying and what the Scriptures plainly state. Like so many others, who derive a fleshly stimulation from heated debate, he was all talk and no listen.

Surprisingly this brother who wanted to debate (and who pridefully claimed he had never lost a debate on this issue) soon withdrew from the discussion stating there was no sense debating with someone so mixed up as I who was having so much problem accepting the ‘proofs’ he was giving.

But the problem I was having was that the proof he gave was all speculation and presupposed notions that had to be read into various Scriptures, and not things explicitly stated in the Bible. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel if we are going to claim ‘the Bible says’ this or that we ought to be able to show just where the Bible actually does say this or that. If it’s correct doctrine the Bible normally has much to say on it; particularly on matters crucial to our understanding.

But you cannot show solid scriptural validation for something the Bible does not actually teach!

The idea of a rapture before the time of great tribulation is an outright lie! A bold statement and quite offensive to many; but one borne out by solid evidence. Here are some of the strongest examples of that evidence: Continue reading “The Crumbling Pillars: Proving The Pre-Trib Rapture Theory Is False!”

THE RAPTURE PUZZLE! How Many Raptures? When Is The Rapture? Can We Know For Sure?

Are you confused about the timing of the rapture in relation to the sequence of end-time events? You need not be! I can show you how to dispel that confusion and perfectly understand at what point the catching away actually does take place. You can know for sure!

When is the Rapture?

by Paul Benson

He shall call to the heavens from above, and to the earth, that he may judge his people. 5 Gather my saints together unto me; those that have made a covenant with me by sacrifice. Psalms 50:4-5

God did not intend for the end-time prophesies to be confusing or impossible to grasp. But he did present these things to us like a puzzle that must be properly pieced together. And although it takes much study (which is greatly to our benefit and edification), this puzzle is solvable!

Please allow me to share with you a vital key the Lord gave me that greatly reduces the frustration of trying to piece this puzzle together.

As I have discussed in depth in recent articles confusion comes from conflicting and misleading information. The solution to confusion is always to remove the conflict of information and find solid reliable facts upon which to base your beliefs.

Much confusion over eschatology (the study of end-time matters) has been fostered by the erroneous and misleading notion that there are multiple ‘raptures’ of the Church in the end-time scenario. That falsehood needs to be put out of its misery once and for all. Let’s gun it down! Continue reading “THE RAPTURE PUZZLE! How Many Raptures? When Is The Rapture? Can We Know For Sure?”

Valiant For The Truth! Our Responsibility To Speak Out Against Deceptions Like The Pre-Trib Rapture.

Are we allowing those around us to ingest poison without saying so much as a word in protest? Is that love?

the pre-trib rapture

by Paul Benson

Through thy precepts I get understanding: therefore I hate every false way. Psalms 119:104

People sometimes get a little annoyed at my persistent attacks upon the lies, myths, and fables being so commonly presented to the Church in this generation. And, yes, a great deal of my efforts are focused in that direction. Why? Because I am a firm believer that to love the truth is to also hate every false way.

And I do!

The truth of God’s Word gives us not only an ability to discern error but also the responsibility to speak out against it. We are called to combat! Fighting against the lies of the enemy with the Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God. And to me the bottom line of all that falsehood, hype, and misleading rhetoric is not written in small print. It is quite legible! That bottom line?


And please, excuse me will you, if I say I do not appreciate being fed poison! And I do not appreciate it being fed to those I care for either! How about you?

Many folks like to suggest that to make waves over incorrect teachings is unloving as it causes division and stress among us. But how can it be loving to (knowing full well the damage lies and heresies do to the understanding of those who accept them) sit quietly and say nothing as error is promoted in our midst? Is our fear of man greater than our love for the truth; or greater than our concern for others? And just what does the Lord have to say about all this falsehood in our midst? Continue reading “Valiant For The Truth! Our Responsibility To Speak Out Against Deceptions Like The Pre-Trib Rapture.”

Cognitive Dissonance And The Pre-Trib Rapture Theory!

Is the study of end-time prophesy confusing to you? It shouldn’t be! Do you shy away from personal Bible study in this area because of the confusion it causes you? There is a cure for this confused condition. It’s called sound doctrine!

The Pre-trib Rapture

by Paul Benson

For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints. -Paul an apostle of Christ

Recently John Little from devoted a portion of his weekly writing to the rapidly rising cognitive defect inflicting the populous. I also recognize this trend which is so apparent among the world in general; but is also, and quite concerning to me, clearly evident within the ranks of the Body of Christ in particular. And worsening as time progresses!

It seems like so very many have lost the power to think for themselves or engage in the vital (and sometimes lifesaving) practice of critical reasoning. It grows increasingly clear that a spirit of confusion has the masses (and much of the Church) in its grasp. I see this as a true sign that we are in the end-times.

Satan gains enormous control over mankind through fear, chaos, and confusion. Through the dramatic rise in these unsanctified fruits of satanic influence the people of the world (both secular and religious) are being prepped to come under the control of the tyrannical ‘beast system’ prophesied to rule in the final days of this age. This evil entity has been lingering in an adolescent stage for quite some time, but is rapidly maturing before our very eyes, and will soon ascend to its unholy throne.

A confused mind is much more easily controlled than a sound mind which can reason clearly. A major cause of confusion is when one is presented with (and then accepts) conflicting information. I wholeheartedly believe the spirit of confusion baptizing the religious world in this day and age is in a large way a by-product of conflicting and confusing doctrines.

One of the most divisive and confusion fostering doctrines of our day is the teaching of the Pre-tribulation Rapture of the Church. Let me explain to you why this teaching has become a major player in the promoting of confusion among the Body of Christ today. Continue reading “Cognitive Dissonance And The Pre-Trib Rapture Theory!”

Bible Proof The Church Is NOT Missing From Earth After Revelation 4:1!

Have you been told the Church has gone missing from Earth after the ‘come up hither’ of Revelation 4:1? You have been seriously misinformed!

Church missing after Revelation 4:1

by Paul Benson

The notion of a ‘Pre-tribulation Rapture’ of the Church is one of the most satanic delusions ever to confront the Body of Christ. But quite sadly it is also one of the most widely received. And a large segment of the Christian community has no clue as to the satanic scheme behind that myth. What better way to get your adversaries to enter the final battle with you ill-prepared than to convince them it is a battle they will never fight?

I show solid proof and biblical example of the danger and damage of that error in a write-up I titled The Curse Of The Pre-trib Rapture. If you have never read that article PLEASE do so. The understanding brought forth there is critical to the end-time believer. The disregarding of God’s warning against adding to or taking away from his Holy Word will bring tragic results to a multitude; and ultimately for many it will bring eternal perdition upon them! This matter is not a trifle one.

The greatest strength of the pre-trib teaching is not found in any Scriptural validation, but in the tendency of a self-centered and self-serving western Church to accept it with-out reservation. In studying out this matter, and responding to it, I have not found even one ‘unquestionable proof’ of a pre-trib rapture that does not fall to pieces when you actually DO question it, and subject it to the full counsel of God’s Word.

Let’s examine one of those ‘unquestionable proofs’ here today. The notion that because the Church is (supposedly) not referred to in the Bible after Revelation 4:1 this emphatically proves the ‘Rapture’ has removed them from earth prior to the great tribulation. Is there any validity to this claim? Continue reading “Bible Proof The Church Is NOT Missing From Earth After Revelation 4:1!”

Does John 14:2-3 Promise The Believer A Mansion In Heaven On A Street Of Gold?

What do you believe about the eternal home of the believer? Is it in line with the truth of Gods Word?

a mansion on a street of gold

by Paul Benson

I heard about a mansion He has built for me in glory. And I heard about the streets of gold beyond the crystal sea; About the angels singing, and the old redemption story, And some sweet day I’ll sing up there the song of victory.  (Victory in Jesus -an old Gospel hymn by E.M. Bartlett 1939)

As followers of Christ we need to understand that a great share of what is commonly taught as doctrine is little more than the traditions of man which have no foundation in the Word of God. For example: we have heard all our lives that the Bible talks about the day that ‘the lion shall lay down with the lamb’; but there is not a verse in the Bible that actually makes that claim. If you don’t believe me try to find it!

It does say: ‘The wolf and the lamb shall feed together’ (Isaiah 65:25), but I guess that wasn’t lovey-dovey enough to make it into the Book of Traditions (many folk’s favorite Bible).

I am quite sorry to burst anyone’s bubble here but the notion of dwelling forever in a fabulous mansion on a street of gold in Heaven is just another one of those traditions that does not reflect the truth of Scripture. What does the Bible really teach about our eternal dwelling place? Is it in Heaven? Continue reading “Does John 14:2-3 Promise The Believer A Mansion In Heaven On A Street Of Gold?”

Why I Believe Christians Should STOP Using The Name ‘Rapture’!

Could our casual usage of the term ‘the rapture’ actually be aiding and abetting the Deceiver in his efforts to mislead the Church concerning things to come?

the pre-trib rapture

by Paul Benson

I want to share with you something I feel very strongly about. I am trying to condition myself to use biblical terms instead of man-made ones (to avoid promoting man-made concepts). Here today I’d like to address our usage of the word ‘rapture’. I try not to use the word rapture unless I’m speaking about the errant pre-trib rapture theory and its various components. The reason being I have developed a deep conviction that doing so unwittingly promotes that deception. And I want no part of that action!

I believe it more appropriate we refer to our future hope the way the Bible does; and thereby stay on target with the truths the Bible really teaches about the Return of our Lord. If the Lord Jesus taught we would give an account of every idle word, would we not be wise to exercise great care in our choice of the words we use to refer to biblical matters? If you think the usage of the name rapture is a non-issue please consider what I have to say. Continue reading “Why I Believe Christians Should STOP Using The Name ‘Rapture’!”

Answering A VERY Misleading Question: Who Will Populate The Millennium?

To keep the spotlight off obvious weak points in their teachings deceivers will fuss on and on about over inflated non-issues to sidetrack and distract you. We need to recognize this as a main ingredient in serving up deceptive doctrines.




by Paul Benson

Untwisting The Pretzel Logic of Pre-trib Theory

…and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years. Revelation 20:4

Most pre-trib teachers and preachers have a pet ‘proof’ they like to take out and cuddle quite often. They claim that a post-tribulation Coming of Christ to catch away the Church absolutely cannot be the correct view as it leaves no mortals alive to populate the millennium. But is there any traction there; or are they merely spinning their wheels, and once again making a lot of noise over nothing?

Let’s look at the question of who will populate the millennium from the perspective of what actually is (and what is not) taught in the Scriptures; and not just the unsupported opinions and theories of man. Continue reading “Answering A VERY Misleading Question: Who Will Populate The Millennium?”

Could There Ever Be Such A Thing As ‘Tribulation Saints’ Without The Holy Spirit?

Will a multitude of new believers during the tribulation face the onslaught of Antichrist’s war on the Saints in their own strength and still remain faithful?


by Paul Benson

The folly of Dispensational Theology states that the Age of Grace comes to an end at the event they call the Pre-tribulation Rapture of the Church; and that the Holy Spirit is also removed from the Earth at this time. But then they also claim there are those who get saved and follow Christ to the point of martyrdom during this time of tribulation.

The notion there will be followers of Christ during the time of great tribulation who are saved but not born again, and who are not indwelt by the Spirit of Christ, presents many problems both theological as well as practical. Let’s look at a few points I feel prove this notion is totally out of accord with the Scriptures; and therefor completely bogus. Continue reading “Could There Ever Be Such A Thing As ‘Tribulation Saints’ Without The Holy Spirit?”