Jerusalem in the End-Times – David Pawson


In my writings that rebuke the falsehoods of the pre-trib rapture teaching I have many times pointed out the error of the claim that the coming time of tribulation is ALL about God bringing Israel to repentance. It’s the time of Jacob’s trouble! they insist; and: The Church has no part in God’s dealings during those days!

As I have pointed out repeatedly: a thorough examination of the end-time prophecies shows that: as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth. (Luke 21:35 ); and God’s dealing in those days will certainly involve a call to repentance to the whole of humanity – including the Church!

But, to maintain a balanced and biblical perspective of the events of that day, we must not lose sight of the significant and earth-shattering events that will transpire in the middle-east and in Israel in particular. In the following message brother David Pawson gives a talk on this subject that boldly challenges the mindset of those who have embraced common misconceptions about the events about to unfold.

I find his reasoning to be quite sound, and really enjoy the no-nonsense way he approaches many topics the weak of heart refuse to preach on. Let me know your thoughts on this talk.


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