Overcoming Nicotine Addiction

A personal testimony of my being set free of nicotine addiction by a divine touch from the Lord.

Overcoming nicotine adction


by Paul Benson

…and be clothed with humility: for God resisteth the proud, and giveth grace to the humble. 1 Peter 5:5

Hopelessly Addicted To Nicotine!

One of most difficult struggles I have ever faced was overcoming the addiction to nicotine. God had done such a marvelous work to bring me back into His grace and I was full of a zeal to move on in the things of God; but shamefully I was still in bondage to a 2 pack a day smoking habit. The habit was so strong it would wake me in the middle of the night and I would have to smoke to be able to go back to sleep. During the day it was hard for me to go even an hour with out one before feeling uncomfortable. Continue reading “Overcoming Nicotine Addiction”

A Word Fitly Spoken

Sometimes just the right word spoken at just the right time can be a life-changing experience for a person. Through earnest prayer the Holy Spirit can use you to speak such words!

by Paul Benson

Have Faith in God pt. IV

A Word In Due Season

The anointing of God’s Spirit can put more life into a single short sentence than a month full of sermons scrounged up in a halfhearted fashion. The anointing can cause us to use words we don’t even realize are just the right ones needed to touch a heart or to make a life changing impact. Let me give you one example: Continue reading “A Word Fitly Spoken”

Will You Be A Tribulation Saint?

Who are the Tribulation Saints? Do you think there is a possibility you will ever be one?

by Paul Benson

The Tribulation Saints

Much discussion and speculation has taken place over the subject of the Tribulation Saints (those alive during the prophesied Great Tribulation). Who are they? What will they have to endure? Are they saved by martyrdom, or by grace through faith like the rest of us? Are they a part of the Bride, or not? The discourse continues with a broad range of opinions tossed into the mix. But I would like to suggest to you that today’s Believers will never become Tribulation Saints! Does that statement surprise you, considering the fact I embrace the Post-trib viewpoint? Please allow me to explain why this is true. Continue reading “Will You Be A Tribulation Saint?”

Three Quarters Of The Way Saved

The testimony of a friend who believes in Jesus but is only three-quaters of the way saved.

The Seasons of Life


by Paul Benson

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: 2 A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up… Ecc 3:1-2

The Seasons Of Life

One of the things I like most about the Scriptures is they show us that many of the different aspects of earthly life are given to teach us about heavenly things. The relationship between a husband and his wife, as well as those with mother, father, sisters and brothers, all in one form or another speak of the way God desires to relate to mankind. In the same fashion, the many seasons of life – spring, summer, fall, and winter – infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and old-age also speak to us of the different seasons in God’s dealings with us. Continue reading “Three Quarters Of The Way Saved”

A Dream-Vision Where I Met Jesus!

A very realistic dream I had about dying and meeting Jesus. Has stayed in my mind for many years.


by Paul Benson

A Dream That Was Not JUST A Dream

I would like to share with you a dream that I had many years ago. It was so real that to this very day I could not say for sure that it was only a dream. Have you ever had a dream so realistic that you could remember all the details, even the emotions of it, years later? That’s how this experience has stayed with me; like the memory of an important day or event, that returns to your mind from time to time. Continue reading “A Dream-Vision Where I Met Jesus!”

Some Rapture Questions

I have a laundry list of questions about the rapture theory but no one can seem to show me the answers from the Bible.

Lots of questions about the rapture theory
I’d like some answers, please!

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Research Assistance Needed: Apply Here!

Give me a hand, please?

Maybe you could help me with my research. I have been looking for years for answers to some questions the rapture theory raises in my mind. The problem is I cannot find any Bible verses that clearly teach these major facets of the rapture theory (of which I am assured are quite Scriptural). Continue reading “Some Rapture Questions”

Celebrity Minister Worship or Hey, I’m Up Here!

Are Christian ministers and entertainers getting a little more attention than they ought to? Ever wondered how God feels about such a thing?


Celebrity Christianity

by Paul Benson

Worshiping Celebrity Christian Speakers

There is an aspect of modern Christianity which has in recent years grown to the point of becoming quite unattractive. I am referring to the rising trend of ‘celebrity worship’ among followers of Christ. Celebrity ministers being worshiped instead of Jesus Christ. Many of today’s most popular ministers are being treated (and acting) more like deity than humble servants of Christ.

There have always been men and women of God who have stood a head and shoulders above the crowd. People who have been used of God in a remarkable way, and have gained the respect and admiration of the masses. And who among us as a believer does not have any favorite(s)? I have mine, and I am sure you do too. But, considering the Bible’s warnings against idolatry, shouldn’t this be a concern to be carefully pondered? Continue reading “Celebrity Minister Worship or Hey, I’m Up Here!”

The True Prosperity Teachings Of The Bible pt.1

The wayward teachings of today’s Prosperity Teachers have caused many to reject the concept of God’s blessing upon his children, but should we be so rash?

The Prosperity Teachingsby Paul Benson

I’m Not Opposed To Prosperity Teachings

Since I am somewhat prone to speak unfavorably of the teachings of the ‘faith and prosperity’ ministries some folks get the impression I don’t believe the Bible teaches a promise of blessing upon the children of God. Actually, I do very much believe that the Word of God is full of such promise. The concern I have is that people are being taught a perversion of these truths in order to rob them of their time and money.

A proper understanding of this matter is crucial to actually receiving and retaining God’s blessing, and not ending up along the wayside disappointed, discouraged, and separated from your hard earned cash. All because you listened to the unbalanced teachings of some covetous charismatic false teacher(s). Let’s look at what the Scriptures really teach about the subject of God promising to bless His people, and how to walk in his favor. Continue reading “The True Prosperity Teachings Of The Bible pt.1”

The True Prosperity Teachings Ot The Bible pt.2

Is all charitable giving sanctified in God’s sight? Are there some wrong ways to give?

by Paul Benson

Right and Wrong Giving

…and he that giveth to the rich, shall surely come to want. Proverbs 22:16

Here’s a Bible verse on giving I doubt you have ever heard the ‘prosperity teachers’ quote to you; and you probably never will! Verses such as this are anathema to them. They hope you never come across them because they might cause you to question their teachings. There is one false teaching constantly coming at us from these wealthy ministers of the ‘faith movement’. If you will sow into their ministry God will (so they say) give you a hundred fold return. But is this true? Continue reading “The True Prosperity Teachings Ot The Bible pt.2”

The True Prosperity Teachings of the Bible pt.3

By Paul Benson

The True Prosperity Teachings

Now on to our final segment of this series of posts. We have put the spotlight on some falsehoods being presented to the believer by the false teachers of our generation. Now let’s take a look a the truth. We wont need a spotlight though, the truth gives off plenty of light of its own! Continue reading “The True Prosperity Teachings of the Bible pt.3”