The Purpose of Life?

Have you ever pondered the purpose of life? Maybe this will give you some food for thought…

The purpose of Life
The Path of Life


by Paul Benson

There is often a nagging question in the back of a person’s mind: “What is the purpose of life; why are we here?” Is there anyone who could honestly say they have never wondered that? Ask a hundred people and you might get a hundred differing viewpoints; but I believe that in order to get a proper perspective we must view the matter through Eyes from Above. Continue reading “The Purpose of Life?”

Reaping The Benefit of True Repentance pt. 1

Repentance preaching has gotten a bad rap but with the evident fruitlessness of the modernized gospel many are taking a fresh look at the Old Paths.

Finding True Repentance

by Paul Benson

Discerning The True Gospel

If we are going to find true revival we must first embrace the true Gospel. This issue in itself can take divine intervention. To find true biblical Christianity amid the deceptive counterfeit presented by most ministers in this nation is a miracle for sure. In the message commonly heard from most pulpits today there are many elements of true Christianity that have been tossed aside in favor of a more user-friendly message. How can we distinguish the true from the false? Continue reading “Reaping The Benefit of True Repentance pt. 1”

Reaping The Benefit Of True Repentance pt. 2

A second look at this necessary element of true Gospel preaching. Why are so many eliminating this vital step in the process of finding salvation?

True Repentance
There is a cure for stumbling.

by Paul Benson

Should We Preach Repentance?

…except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.  Jesus Christ

Mention the word ‘repentance’ and many people cringe. They associate the word with either the fruitless and never-ending labors of religious penance; or the overbearing preaching of some pulpit-bully who constantly beats his congregation with threats of damnation without ever showing them how to find peace with God, and the power to live right. But does repentance preaching really deserve the bad rap it’s been getting? Continue reading “Reaping The Benefit Of True Repentance pt. 2”

Reaping The Benefit Of True Repentance pt. 3

A final look at the role of true repentance in the effective preaching of the Gospel. Is it really that important? None will be truly saved without it!

by Paul Benson

I love the word repentance! Some folks might view that as a strange statement, (or maybe even indicative of me being somewhat of a religious nut) but I love the word because I know its true meaning, and have personally known the reward it brings. Preaching false concepts of repentance only brings religious bondage upon a person; but in reality God intends for preaching along these lines to bring liberty and joy to a person; a heart full of peace and a life free of condemnation! Is that something we should turn a deaf ear to? Continue reading “Reaping The Benefit Of True Repentance pt. 3”

The Benefit of Embracing Truth

Truth carries promise of reward. We need to be sure we are not robbed of that reward by being turned aside to the erroneous teachings of man…

by Paul Benson

Behold, thou desirest truth in the inward parts: and in the hidden part thou shalt make me to know wisdom. Psalms51:6

As Christians everything we are in Jesus Christ, and everything we have from him, revolves around the truth; for he is the truth. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth; and the Word of God is the Word of Truth. The Bible is a book of promise; and those promises will all be fulfilled to those who embrace a steadfast faith in the one who spoke them forth. But our faith must not be misplaced; putting confidence in a falsehood or a lie will only lead to disappointment (or possibly destruction).

With all the amazing benefits realized from opening up and receiving God’s truth is it any wonder Satan would be so hard at work (Kill! Steal! Destroy!) trying to turn us aside to myths and fables promoted as ‘sound doctrine’? He obsessively wants to rob us any way he can. Continue reading “The Benefit of Embracing Truth”


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The main reason we do not have revival in our churches is because we are content to live without it!  -Leonard Ravenhill